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How about Caroni homesteading? *LINK*
In Response To: Where is Dr. Cudjoe? ()

How about the stats on the ethnic composition of state lands given to 'former-Caroni workers'?

By Shaliza Hassanali

The complaints from the farmers came fast and furious on Friday afternoon. Several farmers, gathered outside Caroni 1975 Ltd, Brechin Castle office, Couva, complained that the sweet life they once had, has now turned sour.

But at the end of the day, 17 farmers, who held face- to-face discussions with Junior Finance Minister, Christine Sahadeo,and Caroni’s chief executive officer, Deosaran Jagroo, left pleased with the outcome.

Two weeks ago, Caroni set up a complaints/help desk after farmers, who have been given two-acre plots, started to raise issues about lack of infrastructure, irrigation and access roads.

The former Caroni workers were also concerned about praedial larceny, poor soil quality of the lands they were given and complained bitterly about being allocated lands to areas they had not made requests for.

So far Caroni has received 305 complaints from farmers, 299 of whom have asked to be relocated to other areas.

Samsundar Ghanpath, who drew plot #259 for Esperanza complained that he couldn’t locate his two-acre parcel of land since no map was available. In a bid to locate his land, Ghanpath said he tracked down the surveyor, who is currently mapping out Esperanza, only to be told that his plot falls within the boundaries of four concrete houses.

“That can’t happen,” Deosaran told Ghanpath, when he heard his complaint. “Don’t worry with the surveyor, you will get your vacant plot,” Deosaran assured him.

Ghanpath said he had invested $80,000 of his VSEP money in heavy machinery to start large scale-farming and didn’t want to fail, and as such he needed two additional acres to get going.

“Madame Minister,” he continued, “ I am a sufferer... a struggler and I am ready to rumble,” he said.

Sahadeo, telling Ghanpath that she needed to discuss the matter with her consultants, said:

“But I like your spirit. We need farmers like you to make this project a resounding success.

Farmer Krishna Bharath went straight to the point.

Bharath, who was given a plot at the back of Caroni, wants to move closer to the Southern Main Road.

“What will happen if we move everybody from the back and put them in front. But we will not shoot down your request, we will see what we can do,” Deosaran told him.

Seenath Boodram’s bone of contention had to do with being placed in Reform, when he said he requested land in Caroni.

Although Boodram lives in Tacarigua, which is nearer to Orange Grove, one of the 17 sites at which Caroni offered land, he said he preferred land outside of his community.

He also pointed out that Orange Grove was a low-lying area and prone to flooding.

“But Orange Grove has the best fertile soil. You sure you don’t want to go there?” Sahadeo asked. Boodram didn’t want to.

“We will correct the wrong,” Sahadeo assured him.

Sahadeo and Jagroo also discussed the dredging of drains at Orange Grove and Caroni to ensure that farmers stayed in the areas to which they were assigned.

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