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he's gone, were saved!

So with Ms Morean as AG, a definite far cry from her predecessor, Kamla (Madame PVC, haha), we can expect some decorum and dignity emerging again from the hallowed halls of Parliament. I expect by Monday, Justice Deyalsingh will be the Commissioner (or at least one of them) having all the powers of a Puisine Judge to beckon and call all the thieves, crooks and charlatans comprising that band called UNC! Ali Baba, I mean Panday Baba, and his band are right now looking to book their plane tickets to scurry off like rats to a safe haven, but noe shall escape the wrath of the Commission!! Their ends are swift and sure like the sun is setting on the UNC! Who will now lead the dead party called UNC? Panday Baba cannot go back to life as the Opposition Leader, he would die first. Did you think the 2 Benzes purchased he is willing to give up? And the $50,000 US that no one knows about. Heads will roll! I may not particularly like Manning, but believe me, I like Panday Baba infinitely, less and Trinidad will once again breathe easily.

Goodbye Panday Baba, and good riddance to bad rubbish. Thanks though, you have opened up our eyes to what Trinidad almost became, had we allowed you and your gang to continue. Never again! Never again! NEVER AGAIN! You were never a statesman, and can never be, just a peasant and a country bumpkin who pretended to aspire to something he could never be, you just know it now!

(to Frank Sinatra's tune.........)

And now,
the end is near,
and so I face the final curtain.............

Great is the PNM!
Great is the PNM!
Great is the PNM, and it shall prevail!


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