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African Food Exports vs. African Starvation

By Lloyd Hart,

The only reason people in Africa are starving is because Africans do not control the vast majority of traditional prime and irrigated farmland as they once did before the White barbarian came and took control of that land for the very purpose of exporting food back to Europe and America (the prime export the US imported from Africa through their European colonial partners was the result of good African food, well raised healthy African slaves).

If Africans want to raise their standard of living they must seize the land where food is grown for export by the white controlled multinational agribusiness conglomerates and simply internalize those food stocks until everyone in Africa is guaranteed to eat well for the rest of their lives. If after that is accomplished and there's room for exports so be it, but not until then.

As a part of land reform African nations must stop thinking in the western nationalistic format and go back to tribal thinking and simply redraw African borders to recreate tribal homelands in order to reduce tribal conflict over nationalistic power. The tribal system is not perfect however it is a great deal better than the nationalistic system and borders the put in place for the purposes of dividing and conquering tribal thinking.

There was a time when drummers could distribute a message anywhere in Africa in a day through the continent wide communications cooperation system that came out of the tribal thinking. Today with nationalistic thinking Africa is divided by conflict carefully manipulated to advance the European invaderís cause. Europeanís bought and sold African leaders within the Artificial Nationalistic Monetary System that every day pushes the average African outside the marketplace where they are left to starve to death.

There is a reason why tribal systems developed and tribal territories formed. It is because they work. By working I mean the instinctual hard wired goal of individual health and freedom of movement throughout the tribal territory and beyond to seek procreation are fulfilled. Nationalistic enterprises fail in this matter on all fronts. Nationalism makes malnutrition slaves of everyone allowing disease to set in and decimate populations.

Nationalism has long been a handy tool of Europeans when invading and occupying a territory for its resources and slave labor. This is because Europeans wiped out almost all of their own tribal knowledge and know-how through the tool of Christian imperialism. Tribal leaders became Christian ordained kings. Christian ordained kings built city-state's where power became concentrated and lead poisoning drove the ruling class insane and paranoid causing the destruction of folk or peasant or tribal knowledge forcing the vast majority of the populations in Europe to rely almost completely upon psychotic ruling elite's for guidance in their daily lives.

I know that this solution of rejecting all things colonial and global will be resisted by some corrupt African leaders but just as an example: when Mugabe attempted land reform during the first years of the newly formed government of Zimbabwe that replaced the former European regime of Rhodesia, that effort failed for the simple fact that the European and his global economy did not support it, did everything to sabotage it and most certainly did not give up any of the prime farmland in Zimbabwe in order to make it work. Instead ,corporate farming for export controlled by White corporate interests went on uninterrupted creating and entrenching resentment and the messy results of Mugabe's present land reform program in which the slum dwellers in the cities are having their shanty shacks bulldozed forcing those slum dwellers to migrate back to rural areas in order to populate the recently seized white controlled plantations. Plantations where the Chinese are being contracted to create crop solutions which I am sure the Chinese are looking forward to taking advantage.

In other words Tony Blair and George Bush and for that matter any previous president or prime minister has never once suggested land reform for Zimbabwe or for any other nation and in fact Tony Blair and George Bush have moved aggressively in international currency markets to isolate Zimbabwe by devaluing Zimbabwe's currency to nearly nothing.

When I hear White Liberals here in America complain about Mugabes' latest land reform moves in Zimbabwe I have to scoff at them and ridicule them and say "what did you expect would happen?" "Did you expect the cute little Africans to just accept a limited form of political democracy with absolutely no economic democracy?" "**** off you stupid morons!" "Why are you not providing help to Zimbabwe? Economic models for land reform and the democratization of their economy?" "Why isn't Tony Blair offering help to Zimbabwe to make sure land reform in Zimbabwe is really land reform? Instead Der Furor Blair is imposing economic isolation declaring economic warfare on the entire population of Zimbabwe?"

In Zimbabwe one tribe, the Shona, has dominated the other, the Matabele. These are the two major tribes that dominate the Zimbabwean population and politics. This within the single border nation state the British forcibly imposed has led to endless political conflict. Mugabe, who belongs to the Shona guaranteeing perpetual reelection, has finally gotten completely pissed off at the deceit of the Europeans and as much as it is very messy what Mugabe is doing, it is a lot less messy than what the European is doing globally.

If any White American and British subject or for that matter any colonial power with absolute economic control over any portion of Africa's destiny wishes to comment or complain about what Mugabe is doing in Zimbabwe and be heard with any credibility by Africans they must first apologize to Africans at the UN just as the Germans had to apologize to the Jews. Then just as the Germans had to pay for their crimes against the Jews, they must pay reparations to Africa for everything the White barbarian robbed from Africa which includes the land they still control in Africa.

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