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Morvant red with blood


Four people were killed in four separate incidents between 7.45 pm on Friday and early yesterday at Morvant. The four killings pushed the murder toll to 270 people killed in violent circumstances for the year so far. Police officers investigating the killings believe that the murders may all be linked. The first murder occurred around 7.40 pm while Quesi Smith, 25, was walking along a track at Mon Repos Road, Morvant. He was fired upon by a group of gunmen who then fled the scene by running away. Smith of Duncan Street, Port-of-Spain, was shot more than five times. His bullet-riddled body was discovered by residents of the area who alerted the Morvant Police.

Shortly after, the same gunmen were seen talking to 40-year-old Neil Sitney of Temple Street, Chin Chin Road, Cunupia. An eyewitness told Sunday Newsday that she saw Sitney and another man having a conversation under a tree. She was later alerted to the sounds of rapid gunfire and on checking, saw the bullet-riddled body of Smith under the tree. Officers of the Morvant Police Station on their way to the first murder were forced to call for back-up assistance. Officers found the body of Sitney under the tree in a pool of blood. The two bodies were viewed by a District Medical Officer and ordered removed to the Forensic Science Centre. At Duncan Street, Port-of-Spain where Smith lived no one was willing to give any information about the dead man, while at Cunupia where Sitney lived with his girlfriend Rochelle, the apartment remained locked.

Sitney celebrated his 40th birthday last Sunday. The bloodshed continued around 2 am when Akim Williams, 20, of Malick Link Road, Morvant, was asleep at his home. Reports revealed that a group of gunmen kicked down a door and shot Williams more than seven times. The men then fled the scene. Villano Alexander, 24, of Councilman Circular who was on his way to the home of his girlfriend was confronted by the gunmen who shot him several times. The men then ended their reign of bloodshed by fleeing the scene. Officers of the Morvant Police Station described Friday night as one of the bloodiest nights for the year so far. Yesterday, Beverly French, the mother of Alexander, said that her son was the best gift that God had ever given her.

The mother of five could not hold back tears as she spoke about her youngest child. She said that on Friday night she begged her son not to leave the house because of her strange suspicions that something bad was going to happen. French said that Alexander was trying to reach his girlfriend on her mobile phone, but when he could not get through, he decided to walk to her home to find out if she had arrived home safely from work. It was while on his way to the home of his girlfriend that he was killed. Police investigators confirmed that Alexander was not involved in any gang activities and was not a member of any gang.

Alexander was supposed to attend a wedding today with his four-year-old daughter. Marie Williams, the grandmother of murder victim Williams also insisted that her grandson was not involved in any gang activities. She added that the only thing she could say about her grandson was that he was a bit hasty, but added that he was no criminal. Police investigators told Sunday Newsday that they are working on information that the four killings may be linked. Cpls Vidale, Macmillan and others from the Morvant CID are investigating.

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