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from democracy to geniocracy *LINK*

for more information vist and u can download this book Geniocracy and others. Thank You Jesse James

Imagine a world of peace, where disease has been eradicated, there is plenty of food for everyone on the planet, no one has to work and everyone is free to do exactly as they wish, developing their senses, their capacity for pleasure and their consciousness. This is technologically and sociologically possible today, if only we put the smart people in charge. The problem is that we are ruled by idiots and the corrupt, who are unable to see further than their own self interest.

The author of this book proposes to create a world government made up of geniuses elected democratically, or rather elected geniocratically which means by the more intelligent, as the only way to get us out of this mess that the mediocrity (mediocre, which from the Greek means average) of our random democracy has got us into. It is the present mediocrity which means that the voice of an Einstein or a Descartes is worth no more than the dimmest of the mentally handicapped. Since the proportion of mentally handicapped in the population is equal to the proportion of geniuses, and the number of people of low intelligence is equal to those of high intelligence, it follows that the slice of the population who sway the balance during elections are those of medium intelligence, that is to say those of mediocre intelligence to use the etymology of the word.

Now that we can measure intelligence more precisely, it is easy enough to evaluate everyone’s level and allow the right to vote to only those who are 10% above average and allow eligibility to only those who are 50% above average. That is GENIOCRACY. A form of democracy since it is the basic intelligence which counts and not the number of diplomas accumulated, but a selective democracy which doesn’t discriminate on the basis of social status or culture of origin, but only takes into account their ability to imagine, basic “common sense” as it is called.

Isn’t it the least of things to wish that those who govern us are really more intelligent than average?

quotes from the book.......

Government of the people,for the People by the People Geniuses

To govern is t foresee. Those who are governing us have foreseen notting;
therefore they are not capable of governing.

Geniocracy uses a selective democracy to place in power those whose intelligence is above average,rather than appointing those who studied a lot in flashy schools, as the case is present . geniuses can be found just as much among the working or peasant classs as they can among the educated.It is these natural geniuses that should take the destiny of humanity in hand before it is to late.

humanity is like a human body and each person a cell. the prime fuction of every cell is to benifit the whole. some do this by taking part in digestion or allowing the body to walkwhile others,such as brain cells,make decisions such as what to ingest and where to walk. The reason why the brain cells are apart of the brain is not becuase the other cells elected them to that post.but becuase they are best able to carry out that function. Unfortunately, this is not the case for humanity.where some cell designed to be in the foot have been elected to be in the brain, which explains all the problems facing humanity today.

The basic principle of Geniocracy consists in measuring the raw intelligence which has notting to do with the number of diplomas or letters after there name. this is done ,only whose intelligence is 10% above average would be given the right to vote and those 50% above the average (geniuses) would be eligible to govern.

This system ensures that the voices of the geniuses, the gifted and the above average are not cancelled out by the retarded, the backward, and the below average.

It must be stressed that the pure fact of being genius dose not automatically carry the right to be part of the goverment. it only gives them the right to be candidate.

Every day we are benefiting from the fruits of geniuses there toughts and there work. throughout the day we use objects whose existence is due thanks to the brains of the intelligence is above average.From the light bulb to the television, the bicycle to the motorcar. the hot water tap to the washing machine make our live more comfortable and easy are there thanks to the people who were able to find new solutions to problems using there intelligence.

What is more,mentally retaeded people are able to use and therefore benifit from these inventions without even needing to understand it,but they can feel that there lives are better for it.

If you have gangrene infecting your hand, you have to cut it off to prevent the infection spreading to the rest of your body and eventually killing you.The other hand cannot make such a decision.Only the brain can forsee what might happen in the future, and so gives the order to get rid of the infected member before it to late.

Thank You for reading love Jesse James.

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