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British Trade Union Congress Supports Bolivarian R

British Trade Union Congress Unanimously Supports Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

By: Ramon Samblas

The British Trade Union Congress (TUC) expressed its unconditional solidarity for the Venezuelan Revolution in the third session of its conference held on Wednesday 14th September in Brighton, England.

Up to 1,500 delegates representing 6.7 million workers unanimously voted in favour of motion 79 as amended, which expressed wholehearted support for Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and the National Union of Workers (UNT), the new Venezuelan trade union confederation, formed after the CTV bureaucracy betrayed the Venezuelan working people in 2002, during the aborted anti-Chavez coup. This was the culmination of years of patient work by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, the only solidarity campaign that has consistently supported the UNT and the Bolivarian revolution from the beginning. HOV has been engaged in intensive work over the last few months, moving resolutions and holding fringe meetings at every single trade union congress in Britain. Now this work has been crowned with success.
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