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Dr. Venter is moving from reading the genetic code

News Item: : Dr. Venter is moving from reading the genetic code to writing it.

After a career studying the code of life, Dr. Venter has a new goal, the creation of life itself. Along with two veteran collaborators, Dr. Venter hopes to become the first to whip up a made-to-order bacterium by manufacturing a complete set of genes, or genome, of a single-cell bacterium in his laboratory. ( see Antonio Regaldo, "Next Dream for Venter: Create Entire Set of Genes From Scratch", The Wall Street Journal, June 29, 2005; Page A1).

The Prophet RAEL made the following comment today:

Finally as I announced it on behalf of our beloved creators 32 years ago, we are reaching the level 1 of the earth Elohimization process: the creation of the first synthetic DNA.

We are now like the Elohim when they were about to come on earth to create life a long time ago, and when some scientists on their planet were doing exactly the same thing.

What is the next step? Yes, we are already there: some groups totally opposed to the creation of "artificial life" calling themselves "ethical committees", will claim that the creation of beings is the privilege of "god" or "mother nature"...claiming that artificial bacteria can potentially be hazardous to human health. And yes, may be one day (if it didn't not already happened with Aids or Ebola ..) one fatal bacteria will escape a laboratory triggering a planetary interdiction of synthetic life creation which may be voted by United Nations Organization...

Then ...scientists will have to continue to experiment creation of more and more sophisticated forms of life somewhere else...that means not on the earth... so, it will be on another planet exactly like the Elohim did a long time ago !

This will happen not only because nothing can stop science, but because nothing can stop reproduction at the macrobiological level. It is written in the collective genetic code of the "baby humanity" composed of 6.5 billions cells : us. And nothing can stop the "baby humanity " when it reaches puberty, to reproduce the way macrobiology do it : by creating artificial life on another planet.

Let's celebrate this important step, the level 1 of the elohimization process!

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