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" A Nation of Talkers"

Sorrow and Death hangs over the land,yet we are having these Morons at the top fooling people with rhetoric, bobbol and deception.This land boast of being among nation status.

Yet the level of the social system within is deploring and outrageous! So much politicians,Army,Coast Guard,Police,Judges,Lawyers,Private Security Firms,Immigrations,Customs,Special Units,you name it we have it.

Every body have something to say,but the core of the matter is-NOTHING is being done! Imagine so many people lost their livelihood, the only way they knew-Cane cutters! This country once started on the Sugar industry as its national income,apart from other productions.

Now the country have to import sugar from outside,what MORONS these people BE! Every situation that keeps poping up like the recent spate of Bombing down town-Foreign Experts have to come in,to deal with Political corruption-Foreign Experts have to come in,To deal with reforming the Police service-Foreign Experts have to come in.

To deal with the Justice System-Foreign Experts have to come in,to carry out a nation wide POLL-Foreign Experts have to come in.These people who professes to be in charge of the public welfare is only Pawns in the Game,of the outside investors.

Every mechanism that is being place in society is to CONTROL society, the recent BLIMP that cost Millions of dollars,spy radars,Choppers,Special units,while the country feels that they are being compared to developed nations they are only being fooled as to the real treat behind the scenes.

No one is listening,the ones at the Top don't take advice from the PEOPLE neither from the PUBLIC.Democracy is the will of the PEOPLE,the Majority RULE! Why can't the PEOPLE make their voices heard.

With the Media-they say what they want you to believe,the News Papers don't give little people the chance to express themselves-they have to be screened by the Editor's column.I know that to express ones self in public one would have to choose their words,this is acceptable.

Imagine the committee that were taking up signatures to petition the President,then to have the President address the crime situation in the country.Since when the People of a country have to Petition its Government to address the spiralling crime situation?

This country is heading for HEAVY RETRIBUTION from GOD!!! The cry of the poor goes unheeded,unemployment is stalking the land,yet the country is Showing OFF in helping others,when the real issues back home are not being addressed.

The only solution I see for T&T is deep humility from GOD.And that is coming! You don't put your act together, you'll have to feel. Don't be deceive by these so-Called leaders,let each man fall upon their knees and seek for the way out from this heap of filt that has taken over the land.

Forget FALSE PRIDE,RICHNESS,and the BOAST OF WEALTH of the NATION,inside is full of DEAD MEN BONES!!The cry of injustice,poverty,and the flow of innocent blood that are being spilled on a daily basis.

TALKERS! Yor days are coming! don't seek to attack me in this point of expression here,don't be to adamant when the truth is being spoken out,because you can fool some of the people some of the time,most of the people most of the time,But you cannot FOOL all the people all the TIME!!!.

So much waste land are lying around doing nothing,why can't this country start planting the land,create jobs for the young people,why boast on how many schools we have,but when these children leave these schools-to deal with reality in the real world is something they were not prepared for.

Cultivate the land,let the land produce its own food,get those Prisoners out on the fields working,doing community service,get youths of the streets in some form of projects.

Stop the Talking and start the action now,now is the time for real men and women to stand up for what is right and good.Address the corrupt Jamaican DUB MUSIC that are destroying our youths!check those corrupt MOVIES that are destroying the society.

We need men with real moral backbone,stand up for what is right,stand up for what is real,don't choose to be deceived.If Corruption Starts from the TOP,well we know that WRATH is certain,WRATH is sure.You know who you are-In Government-In Police-GOD is watching YOU!!!

Never tell yourself you are untouchable,never think that no one sees! Stop the talking and get down to real action now. Presidents,Prime Ministers,Judges,Lawyers, Leaders,you are only,But MEN.

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