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Two westerners killed hours apart

By Denyse Renne

The murder toll climbed to 230 yesterday, after two men from warring factions in west Trinidad were ambushed and killed about three hours apart in Petit Valley and Cocorite, respectively.

Western Division detectives said they were bracing for more "reprisals" after Jamaat al Muslimeen member Glenroy Charles, of Petit Valley, and Marlon Scott, of Cocorite, were gunned down.

Investigators have confirmed that Scott's killing was, in fact, a reprisal for Charles' murder.

Scott, 26, alias "Tall Boy," "Froggy," and "Tall Paul" of Cocorite Terrace, Cocorite, was shot around 12.30 pm, just three hours after Charles was riddled with bullets close to his home.

Police said Scott, a construction worker, was helping his father build a downstairs apartment and was taking bricks to his father when three men accosted him.

Investigators say the men questioned Scott about his name and nickname.

They then told him to lie on the ground. They shot him three times in the head then ran off. He died on the spot.

Unlike Charles' killing, just a handful of Scott's relatives and curious onlookers were present and tempers were not as heated.

A police team, under acting Sr Supt Roderick Roach, Insp Anthony Lezama, Sgt Joyce James-Martin and Cpl Narine, visited both scenes.

Investigations are continuing.

Tempers flare

A few hours before Scott's killing, tempers flared in Spring View Drive, Petit Valley, as residents and relatives, who came out in their numbers to see Charles' bullet- riddled body, got agitated over his death.

Traffic was halted for several hours along Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley.

Soldiers and police arrived shortly after and made attempts to calm the crowd, but this only made matters worse, as several of the law enforcement squad were verbally abused.

Several threats and expletives were heard in the presence of police and soldiers, coming from close friends who vowed to avenge the slain URP leader's death.

"Now that peace dead there will be war," one resident screamed, as he referred to Charles as being a peace-maker who encouraged youths to turn away from a life of crime.

"Everybody have to stay off this block. Whether you innocent or guilty, stay off de block

Charles, alias Abdul Malick, 27, of Philip Trace, Maraval, was shot twice in the head and several times about the body by three men.

Police reports state, that around 9.15 am, Charles, who was at his girlfriend's home, told her he was feeling sick and was going home.

Just as he stepped outside, several gunshots rang out and a bleeding Charles was discovered lying in a pool of blood, a few metres from the house.

His white Sunny car also had several bullet holes.

Investigators say Charles had control over URP projects in parts of Maraval, Morne Coco Road and Petit Valley, and may have been killed by someone who wanted to take over these projects from him.

Police said he had previously told his girlfriend that he received information that men "were gunning for him."

Similar sentiments were echoed by Charles' aunt, who was quite vocal on the death of her nephew.

The aunt, who did not wish to be identified, called on the killers to repent.

"I was bathing when I get news that they kill my nephew. I knew he was going to die," the aunt thundered.

"Allyuh better start to repent right now, cause remember all yuh have family. Repent now, cause when I start to pray and de spirits move me. Oh God, if only these persons know what they do," the aunt wailed.

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Trini Wild Wild West *LINK*
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