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World Cup

I ask to anyone who can answer why it is or was there a extremely slow person of European decent playing forward at the qualifier game last night in the U.S. on the socaboys team? Made no sense to me. I also wonder why the defense is so horrible? Is it because of the coach? maybe because of the tall, skinny guy in the 5 position? Who knows, but it is well known that Trinibagonians need to work on their football. Who would have thought that the Yankees would beat a team from the carribean in a sport that yankees don't play unless they're middleclass and for the most part white? After all, everyone knows that the best atheletes in the U.S. play in the NBA, NFL, or MLB with the first two being the most athletic. We thought our soccer players were slow, but whoah! Trinidad would have been better of leaving their great white hype on the sideline, signing me to the defense because I had a Trinibagonian father( and that seems that that would be enough credentials based off of last nights performance of the GWH) and allowing some of Trinidad and tobago's more "hungry" young tallent play forward. Just overall dissapointing last night. First time I didn't feel all that proud to be wearing my red white and black. I can usuually find some excuse, but what I was seeing gave me nightmares. There is absolutly no way I would have let those little nerds run pass me like that.
Oh well, what can you do?

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