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Guardian Article on Cedros - Secret Information?

Alcoa and The Guardian Article - Questions, Questions and more Questions

In an August 10th, 2005 Guardian article on the planned Alcoa Chatham Smelter, a reporter named Lisa Allen-Agostini seeems to claim to have knowledge of "facts" that nobody else seem to have. Please, Ms. Agostini, explain to us:

According to her report, the Chatham/Cap-de-Ville smelter is now solely an Alcoa project. When did the government pull out from the smelter? She claims Government decided in April the Alcoa project was too expensive. How come the government "forgot" to let the people of Trinidad and Tobago know about this. Wouldn't the fact that the government decides not to spend 2.4 billion dollars be worth mentioning to the public? We didn't read anything about this in ANY of T&T's newspapers. Where did you get that information, Ms. Agostini?

According to her report, Alcoa's Wade Hughes claims Alcoa has never have filed a EMA Application, yet an application with the applicant being Alcoa Inc in Pittsburgh and the NEC is on file with the EMA and is public record. It has been published on the Internet for everybody to examine.

According to her report, the CEC application (the one that was never made by Alcoa!) was withdrawn. Would that not be something that the people of T&T would have liked to have known, especially under the light of all the protests against Alcoa. Yet, there was no mention, no press release, nothing in any newspaper about Alcoa Inc. and the NEC withdrawing their application. How did she get that information?

According to her report, there was a serious threat made in an open letter to the Prime Minister by something called the Cedros Guerilla Army. How come nobody seems to know anything about this so called "fact" either? Did any newspaper report on this? Did the PM make any statement regarding this "threat" Did you ask anybody in Cedros about this when interviewed the residents here? Where did you get your facts, Ms. Agostini? Do you consider your comments on the "Guerrilla Army" responsible journalism?

The Guardian article leaves us with more questions than answers. How come Ms. Agostini got all this "inside information" that the rest of the press don't seem to have? Newsday, Express, Anybody? Please tell us did you know about all of this? Are we dealing with a massive cover up and is she the only one who knows about it? Please enlighten the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We want to know!

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