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The Coup could have been averted?

In hindsight many things could have been averted. The academic has been presented, now we need to know of the entire orchestration of murder and mahem that has stained this Nation's honour for ever.

The dead have been buried and to a great extent forgotten, except by their loved ones and as we devalued their lives, we regarded them as mere casualties.

Successive Governments have viewed the incident as bacchanalian,another Trinbagonian thing.And a generation born in the shadows of this obscenity is made to feel that the immoral actions and attitudes reflected by our leaders since then, is an inherent component of the national diaspora.

Justice denied, compassionate compensatory considerations denied, political triviliazation of this incident has come back to roost in so many ways that it is tragic. It is the price that we continue to pay for accomodating subtle dictatorships. We appear to live life by laughter because the failed coup has taught us nothing.

The reluctance by our present government to investigate thoroughly and put closure on this matter is shameful. The masses accept it and that is shameful too. What do they have to hide? We are already aware of attitudal complicity, is there something worse?

We clamor of our Freedoms and Emancipation from Slavery and yet, our minds were not free before the failed coup and they are less free now. Our Nation beckons men but we are surrounded by boys. We still have choices but we lack the voices to articulate for social justice. If not now, when?

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