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Alcoa Lies and Omissions on EMA Application *LINK*

Alcoa's Application to the EMA - Ommisions, Deception and Outright Lies!

We obtained a copy of the CEC application and were shocked about the ommisions, misleading statements and outright lies pepetrated in this official document. If you would blatently lie like this on your drivers permit application, you would surely not receive a license. Is Alcoa "above the law" already. When will the lies get so big that they will threaten your livelyhood and wellbeing? Below, you will find a link where you can download the entire application for yourself.

Here are some of the disturbing facts of Alcoa's Application to the EMA for Environmental Clearance (CEC):

CEC: Do you own the property? Yes or No
Alcoa did not check any but declared: Detail for ownership has not been finalized.

CEC: If you answered no, what is the nature of your interest in the property?
Attach supporting documents justifying your claim.
Alcoa did not answer or supply any documents.

CEC: Names and addresses of adjoining property owners.
Alcoa gives this as:
North - Gulf of Paria
South - Southern Main Road
East - Mt Pellier Estate
West - Belle Vue Estate
NOTE: There are hundreds of people living next to this proposed plant and Alcoa did not find it necessary to supply the requested information (name and address) so the affected persons can be contacted.

CEC: Are there any springs or aquifers in or adjacent to the site?
Alcoa: NO
NOTE: WASA has a water plant and has been digging wells right next to the proposed site. As an interesting fact, the application for the Port to be built on the SAME property admits that there are wells or aquifers. WASA confirms there are wells not just adjacent but on the property.

CEC: Present Use of the land
Alcoa lists Agricultural and Forestry. Does not list residential even though there are hundreds of people living there.

CEC: Description of Intended activity, which MUST include information on total area of activity?
Alcoa: Total area to be intended for activity - To be Determined
Percentage of total surface allocated to covered space or paved areas - To be Determined
NOTE: Detailed plan of the facility has been submitted by Alcoa with the application, how can the area be unknown.

CEC: Method of Disposal of Materials (Waste)
Alcoa - To be Determined
NOTE: With more than 100 years aluminum experience, how can they not know the plan to dispose of waste?

CEC: Would project require major water works?
Alcoa: Did not answer at all
NOTE: Alcoa added an explanation that water sources would come from WASA at Wallerfield but short term would require upgrading the Chatham plant to provide water for the construction phase.

CEC: Will the project require relocation of houses, people?
Alcoa answered this question evasively and incompletely by only disclosing how many houses will have to relocate during CONSTRUCTION. Gives the figure at 45 while Chatham residents that know the area estimate almost 200.

CEC: What percentage of project area to be cleared of vegetation?
Alcoa: To be determined.

CEC: Would the process require any ancillary chemicals?
Alcoa answers evasively: Typical Chemicals associated with the aluminum smelting process?

CEC: State rate of production and disposal of solid waste?
Alcoa: The target for solid waste is 0. Programs will be instituted to reduce/recycle/eliminate solid waste.

FACT: wo tons of alumina are then used to created 1 ton of Aluminum.
NOTE:Unless Alcoa can beam that 1 million metric tons of left over material annually up to Starship enterprise, where does it go? This answer is totally unrealistic and unfounded, even defies the laws of nature.

CEC: Does the process involve discharge of any liquid effluents?
Alcoa again answers that the target of discharge of liquids is 0.
NOTE: Where do the 16 metric tons of Fluoride go that are used daily in production?

CEC: Do you use any hazardous or dangerous materials (flammable, toxic etc.)
Alcoa answers yes.
Please specifiy what materials:
Alcoa: Gasoline and Diesel for the vehicles!?!?!
NOTE: What about the thousands of tons of LNG used to power this plant? Not flammable?

CEC: Would the process require storage of input and waste material on site.
Alcoa gives waste as 100 metric tons and input materials as 48,640 metric tons
NOTE: Again, the process requires 4 tons of raw materials to produce 1 ton of Aluminum. 48,640 metric tons of input material CANNOT produce only 100 tons of waste.

CEC: Describe facilities allocated for storage of materials and waste:
Alcoa: To be Determined?!?!?

CEC: Will the project have adverse effects on the aesthetics of the landscape (Mass Vegetation Removal, Radical Changes of the Landscape, Scarring)
Alcoa: NO
NOTE: Please look at pictures of Union Village to see the aesthethics and no scarring!!!

CEC: Estimated life span of the Project?
Alcoa: 50 years
Then WHAT????

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