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When looks could kill.

The saying is,"if looks could kill", well they did just that in london on Friday. Charles de Menezes was going to catch a train when the police ordered hin to stop. In fright he bolted away from them.This is not surprising, given the false imprisonment and death in police custody of Black & Ethnic men. To this day no police officer has been charged.
Charles was killed because he looked and I quote"South American", therefore worthy of being labled a terrorist suspect. If this were so, why kill him? surely a sharp shooter could of shot him in the leg , seein as they were right on top of him and take him in for questioning. This would of make more sense, as the more information a suspect gives in such terriorist circumstances the better, but no. His ethnic looks made him a target for a trigger happy policeman, who no doubt would be pardonned in such trying circumstances. Why hasn't any white terrorist been shot or placed under such surviallance as Ethnic men remains a mystery, as the oklahoma bomber swear they'll be more bombs. Mysterious too is the nail bomber of brixton a few years back. None of his gang were ever caught nor were they ever targeted like muslim men. These same unexploded bombs were also nail bombs, but this fact has been quietened down, and the suspected bombers "got away". At no time has the nail bombs of brixton has been associated with this latest campaign.
In the wake of this wilfull and most unfortunate shooting, the police and authorities have come out in saying that it COULD HAPPEN AGAIN. I can guarantee that this statement is true, about the only true statement so far. Since a Jamaican man was suspected of last week's bombings and Ethnic men are the targets, be prepared for more indiscrimate shootings of Ehnic men by police hiding behind the "terriorist" threat. (If they knew that he was South American, why shoot him? HOW COULD THEY KNOW THIS ON SIGHT??? Think about it. What does a South American look like? This is ambiguous as they look Black, Mulatto, Native Indian , Hispanic and BG Indian).

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