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Country of Racist?

Is Trinidad a Country of Racist or Individuals who are products of Global Racism?

I ask because of all of this race talk I have read about on this site and other sites that are linked to this site. I have read stories about people marrying other people based on race to improve their socil standing. I have read stories about persons who believe that they are not racist because of the fact they are attracted to persons of other ethnic groups moreso than those of their own. Some try to say that by polutting ones blood line that they are lowering their families social standing. I wonder if they realise that eventually if you stay withn your "race", that you may end up having relations with your immediate family creating physicla defects like those suffered in times past or modern day West Virginia? At the same time it vexes me how a man cannot try to find a woman to love that reminds him of his mother for what other woman in this world has ever loved him more? Same with his sister and her relation to her father in regards to choosing a future husband. Maybe the problem in Trinidad is that everyone wants to be from somewhere else like Europe or the United States without realizing that these countries (though economically, militarily, and judicially strong) are not family or culturally oriented societies and that the mockery of such could destroy ones home.

I go to the CIA website to look at the racial statistics on Trinidad and Tobago along with population size, industry, etc..., just to know more about the twin island country. The only thing I realize is that most of the population has a belief in White Jesus through Catholosism and the rest Hindi from a heavily Colonised India. It is easy to see why T-N-T is not as harmonious as she portrays.
It is just my belief that the social ladder and overall social climate inregards to how one veiwed another climaxed out of control once the European became involved in that society through the exploitation of their (India"s) strict social classification system that spread wher they go since colonialzation. That in itself is the root problem of the world thateveryone deep down inside knows is true, but afraid to say outloud for they might offend some of massa decendents. Colonialztion is still eating away at our basic human rights and we fail to correct it not alone acknowledge it.

Does anyone know the basic jist of how in the world that there are so many Catholics and conformers to Christian beliefs globally outside of Europe even though these people who were once from proud "indigenous" societies never read the original text and scripture from the Hebrew scrolls? Some of you are going to be upset after this, but I don't care! It was the false proclamation of a blonde haired blue eyed white Jesus starting with the Crusades and colonization that in many cases forced genocide of the "infidels" or in my opinion surperior societies that led many people and their great civilizations astray or down the path to eternal hell. Now once again out of the War on "terrorism" they (European based ideology and subscribers to) want us to except that belief in this white jesus will deliver us from this this threat to this Global "World Order" that by the way we really had say so in how it was designed with our guns and unity? How about White people and those whom try so hard to identify with them stop plundering the earth for her resources at the risk and detriment of the rest of the world? Maybe the answer is to try to start genocide of the white minority in countries outside of Europe to restore balance with ourselves through lateral trade throughout the Caribean, Africa, South America and Most of Asia excluding American Colonised Japan. Lets see how quick Europeans and their dogs would react to that.We should promote first pide in the totality of ourselves. Then maybe, just maybe that when somone marry out of race, they are doing it because they love that person, not because they are curious or think it would be neat to produce a social science experiment. Maybe they would do it out of knowing that they are no better than their life partner and vice versa. Maybe they would do it out of Love of the Human being, rather than the love of where that human being can take them socially. If Trinidad is to be a multiracial society, she must be free of racist attitudes. Thats just not Human. This is also for the high and mighty who are involved interacially because of some ignorant self rightous social veiw that they have now made it or are now better off. The challenging part is staying married, healthy( physically and mentally) and committed. No pimpin. If you don't have the cure for sexually transmitted diseases, not alone can afford treatment, then you should be monogamous. Just because Fifty Cent, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Bill Cosby, Micheal Jordan, etc.. are multimillonares doesn't mean they are worthy of having thousands of Trini's trying to identify with them. There are many wealthy and influential people in the United States, but that doesn't mean that one should try to mimic them or a culture and society built on hate from a onesided point of veiw.

Plain and simple, All life comes from what is now known as Africa. All races started as one on that continent as humans. More than likely they were what is now commonly refered to as negro or black. That in itself may have been an evolutional trait. Doesn't really matter in an unbiased world, but I expect you to be unbiased to share that point of veiw. So what you should be asking yourselves is what happened to the original Humans of this planet and do they exist in any of us still? The answer as far as their present day existence will probably be no. I'm almost positive that early human beings didn't behave as inhumane and ignorant as we with all of this technology do so now.

You may agree or disagree with some of what I have posted, or all, but as Trini's it is you that have to remember that "Together we acheive, Together we aspire"! Lets keep it Sugary!

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