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Trini Progress is Wonderful

Here in Trinidad and Tobago we live in a blameless society. We are unique in that what we have attained in just over forty years, other Nations have seeked and failed to acquire and some of them are centuries old.

We may be regarded as an embarassment to third world nations in this hemisphere, but we have always wanted to be number one at something, and if even by accident we have achieved that goal, we welcome it.

For example, all things considered, our infrastructure rots and we identify with it. We have become comfortable with filth and decaying qualities of human existence. So, the Labasse is actually a National Treasure and families who have resided in its shadows for many generations can boast of being some of the more fortunate among us.

The continued corruption in Government is not an abberation, it is part of our existing culture. As individuals we do not want to be out-corrupted by the next person so we grasp every available opportunity and if none exists we create new ones.

Our Religious factions may appear to be prostitutive but that is only because they are. Our demise is the catalytical force that guarantees their existence and like the Corbeaux they hover patiently, awaiting the inevitable.

Successive Governments have pandered quite openly and with societal support to Criminals and Criminal activity. Perhaps it is a legislative mandate, and within the established context, we again lay claim to being number one. The most revered and influential citizen in our society is not an elected official but is feared a much as revered.

We talk about the beauty of our land and its Natural resources, however, as a people we did not contribute anything to that. We have been blessed to have found it that way.And to show the World how thankful we are, we are going to reshape it to reflect our own personal qualities of decadence.

I believe that I have boasted enough about the land of my birth, there is so much more to shout about and others may be offended. As such, I am prepared to say to them in a good Trini old-fashioned way "Go to hell."

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