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The hypocritocracy.

Much has been made of the bomb-blasts in london, but in a softly softly kind of way. This is odd. While every one is expressing sympathy, it is interesting to know that the fingers of blame went IMMEDIATELY on to the already beleagured shoulders of the muslim community. What it must feel like to be a muslim man in these times , God only knows. He is simply guilty BECAUSE of his religious beliefs.
When the ira were bombing london, no one in the mews papers/media or gov't accused infered that it was their Christian beliefs that was at the root cause, or that Roman Catholics had a particular weakness and fondness for bombimg. No far from it, the blame was contained and confined.
Recently some dicrepid old fart was wheeled out to pay for his racist crimes almost 40 yrs later, all that time free, this human-dog was a christian preacher...but hey it's cool,,right??! So far not one person has answered the call for justice on the Birmingham bombings when 6 little girls were killed in a church. The mother of Stephen Lawerence watched as did the rest of the community as five white males walked FREE after murdering her son. Not one guatanamo has ever been made for the terriost acts perpitrated against People of colour. White terrorist organisations continue to flurish and no one in the gov'y or media demonises them as less tan human. No one calls for white males to be routinely rounded up and incacerated on the grounds that they MAY be white terrorist. Check that against other males of colour in the same situation.

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The hypocritocracy.
What's Behind the London Attacks? *LINK*
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Re: What's Behind the London Attacks?
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