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Hindus against Mixed Marriages.

It was with ammusement that I read the comments of ramesh tiwari. He claims he is not racist, but proceeds to call the creative act of mix-raced people polluted. He also claims not to hold anything against such people, yet he resorts to the same old path that many racist before him has, in that he conviently he uses various holy books to back up his warpped views of mankind, quoting passages that best suits his evil purposes. I may not know about the Vedas or Koran, but I sure as hell KNOW my Bible! There is a reason that it is in two parts--The Old Test & The New Test, so that we can read of the mistakes of the past and have a new future. If our God thought that mixed people were polluted, then he would not have chosen the Martriach Ruth, to be the carrier of the world's wisest man, Solomon and Israel's and the world's greatest king, David!
Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew is the greatest man ever lived, and He CARES for EVERYONE, regardless of their religion, race...or hair!! His family tree has other races in it NOT just JEWS. He is also a descendant of King David.
As for the secular, perhaps, ramesh tiwari is unware that the children of Sharmila Tagore is also mixed(they have Afghani roots), the late Indira Ghandhi's grandchildren are also mixed raced, the daughter of Sarika Caine is mixed and many like them. Instead of accusing their parents, why don't clean the pollution from yourself, after all, Jesus said, '' it is not what goes into a man that pollutes him, but what comes from within.'' Blessed be He...Shalom.

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Hindus against Mixed Marriages.
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