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The Way I See It…

The Anomalous Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson "Thriller" has come and gone. Fancy legal footwork by Jackson’s "Invincible" defence team, enabled Michael to "Moonwalk" away from10 counts of child molestation charges before the "Break of Dawn". This dazzling display of legal gymnastics by the Jackson defence team left the prosecution "Speechless." Well, that is just “2 Bad.” The not guilty verdict did more than allow Michael to walk free, it revealed that Jackson is not as "Bad" as he proclaimed. While he himself declared that "Billy Jean" was not his lover, the verdict also confirmed that neither was he, the lover of his young accuser. Nevertheless, being found not guilty did not vindicate Michael Jackson, since many sages in the music industry believe that Michael has sung his last song. They predict that despite his monumental impact as the self-proclaimed King of Pop, the world will remembered him as the infamous “Smooth Criminal” who left “Blood on the Dance Floor.”

Jackson's fans on the other hand, are convinced that he could reinvent himself if he exorcises his “Ghosts” and starts again from "ABC”. Jackson is well loved internationally and die-hard fans will be more than willing to embrace him if he says to them "Give Me One More Chance", I "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin". Fan support during the lengthy trial sent a clear message to the megastar. They stated unequivocally, "You Are Not Alone!" Therefore, the question "Will You Be There" in the mind of Jackson becomes moot. Before he mutates into his next persona however, Jackson must look at the "Man in the Mirror" and realize that that man is not Peter Pan and that he is too old for this Neverland nonesense. It is past time he gets with the program and understands that it is "Human Nature" to target celebrities for economic gain. People will "Say" anything for money and they "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough." Notwithstanding his unenviable public "Childhood", or his proclaimed indifference to "Black and White", he must accept that that is all "History" now. In fact, Michael needs to shelve the sentimental bile about, "The Way You Make Me Feel". Forget about "Ben" and any attempts to "Heal the World". He should hook up with "Dirty Diana", declare to the world that "The Girl is Mine" and when "The Lost Children" come calling, do not say “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” just "Scream", "Beat It!" and blast them with “2000 Volts” of musical mayhem and lightening choreography.

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The Way I See It…
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