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US: Look again at class action bill

Q. I read that Gov. Jeb Bush and several state legislators are supporting legislation that would place limits on class action lawsuits. What I do not understand is that on one hand our elected officials claim that the goal of class action lawsuits is to compensate those who are injured and then they make laws to limit compensation. Since you have written about class action litigation for many years, do you believe the proposed legislation will accomplish its goal?
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Class Action Hypocrisy

January 08, 2005

President Bush is once again promoting his proposal to reform class action law suits. The Washington Times reports:

President Bush yesterday called top lawmakers to the White House and urged them to move quickly on legislation to curb class-action lawsuits as part of a three-pronged effort to reduce litigation that costs Americans billions of dollars each year.

"Class-action lawsuits have become a problem in the United States. The judicial system is not fair. It is unbalanced, it is tilted," Mr. Bush said after meeting with a dozen Republicans and Democrats from the House and Senate.

"And members around this table understand that, and members around this table are willing to set aside their political party to do what is right for worker and business owner alike."
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Look again at class action bill
US: Look again at class action bill
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