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Wake Up From Denial ! *LINK*

No one is not aware of the situation that faces the Country right now,on one hand the Parties are ever so divided: The working class and the Poor,on the other The Nobility and the Rich.Under a democratic rule we are reminded that the People are the Government.The in-efficient approach by Government in dealing with the Social issue that has grown way out of hand,so much people are leaving the Country never to return,just for their safety, for others; their betterment, in a time like this when oil is booming, natural gas and other by-products is escalating with the global scale.Why do we boast? Government seems only concerned with infrastructure and physical nation building,Why? I guess to prove a point!! waste of time and tax payers money.Under the UNC Government over 3 Hundred Million Dollars were given to Stadiums and the Sporting arenas, now with the PNM Government with the Brian Lara Stadium costing over 800+Millions.My big Question to my fellow People is How long would you all SLEEP!!! Does the country need something like this, in a time when poorvety is hard upon the land,would the unemployed go at these places and get food,assistant,help to all their problems.Wake up T&T and stop this waste of Money all in the name of sports!Why do we boast about the Country in living Denial, I guess most people don't see and hear about Trinidad from the out side World,it stinks!! people are viewing it as a Illiterate and backward place,wake up and smell the scent!! You Trinidadians I speak to you,as one myself;wake up!wake up! shake of the stuper from of your Mind,sports is only for leasuire and pleasure what we are dealing with here involves:Hunger,thirst,acceptance,needs,hope,all of these principles are the basic cries of the Human soul,our young people,our elders,our Churches,our schools,our society,everything seems to be crying out. In the name of justice stop this from happening, stop this waste of Money that can be generated to better use.Power belongs only to GOD, secular power belongs to the PEOPLE at large.Don't continue in Denial as if nothing is wrong with society, society needs help:800+ Millions can do a lot to help People.If you want to impress the People along with the surrounding nations,help your own people,make them proud in wanting to be a Trinidadian & a Tobagonian.

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