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URP Fight for Crumbs

EDITOR: I would like to send a message to those people who are fighting and killing each other today, especially those people in the URP program. If they look around carefully they would see 100 million spent on Miss Universe, 40 million on Ring Bang, 7 million on World Beat Music festival, 30 million on undelivered rice, 75 million on two schools that won't be used, an airport that trebled in cost to reach 1.4 billion, borrowing of expensive money by the state, Caroni's 300 million yearly loss and many more instances of national wastage and plunder. It pains my heart to see the ordinary grassroots people fighting and killing each other in the fight over the 120 million URP which is for the whole country and they are not looking at the bigger picture nationally.

We have gotten so accustomed to fighting for crumbs that come from the table, that we have obviously forgotten the table is laden. Wake up Mr Trinidadian and let us pull the veils from over our eyes.



Where many went wrong was in accepting UNC propaganda, in believing that the last administration knew what it was doing and, perhaps even more accurately, that it really ever cared.

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