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Crime-politicans didn't do nothing

While this is certainly the most popular topic regarding local affairs especially given the terrible spate of killings in the last week, it is worrying that those in power seem to have little or no effective strategies to deal with it, much less eliminate it.
However what is even more worrying is that those in power, our "leaders", our government, and even many of us in the public have failed to recognise the growing seriousness of this crime problem for a long time until now.
Though last year was a record year for murders in Trinidad and the year before that was the previous record, the fact is that since the mid-90s (at least), the number of murders commited was rising.
You have the current oppostion leader constantly criticising the ruling party and Prime minister for their incompetence in controlling crime but yet this same opposition leader whilst he was in power in the late 90s and early 2000, could not do much himself in dealing with crime. And even the current government has tried to downsize the problem of crime, with one minister saying that crime is decreasing (though murders, kidnapping and armed robbery are all increasing) and another mentioning that crime is not up to the level of New York so it's not that significant.

For years, this country has been declining in communities and schools and towns as poverty, the widening gap of rich and poor, corrupt and inefficient government administration have taken their toll. While crime and poverty was increasing in the poorer communities, many of us ignored these because they weren't happening to us but only in areas in Laventille and Morvant etc.. We continued to say foolish things like Trinidad is really, Trinidad is blessed by God, so nothing could ever really happen to us. What many people didn't seem to realise was that though these problems mainly affected poor communities, a lot of the population live in these communities and eventually the problems that affected them would expand and affect us.
Politicans ignored all these problems, we ignored all these problems, until now when everyone is affected by crime, and everyone takes notice of the problems in society.
Yes, nothing terrible catastrophic (like war or plague or tsunami for that matter) has befallen us, but instead our society is being cut up slowly and bled each day and week.

Crime has become a problem for all of us, everywhere, every race and creed. Before we can do something about this, we should recognise the seriousness of the crime problem and all the other accompanying reasons for it, such as poverty, inflation, immorality, breakdown in national infrastructure especially the deficient school system and education we have in Trinidad.

See this interview with Muhammad Shabazz about Laventille, from the online Express. He talks about the problems afflicting his community and why these problems haven't been solved.

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