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Courting Disaster

I am a Jamaican who went to Trinidad about 3 years ago and was shocked by the racisim that existed there between the Nubians and Indians. the Indians who thought themselves better than the Nubians, but the fact was most of all the Indian girls were with black men, and had babies by them. while I think racisim is wrong, the fact of the matter is with the creation of the pale race 6,000 years ago. all other indiginous race's have been taught to uphold the pale image as the standard of beauty, Nubians is the first mothers and fathers of every race on this planet, to brake it down to science, we should not mix the race's this is where all the confusion comes in, blacks and other were taught to hate themselves and recject the Afrikan heritage. to step outside of one's race is a form of mental illness and self hatred. when a black man, who has a black mother beautiful chocolate brown nubian with 9 ether hair,brings home a straight nose, straight hair and thin lip female from another race, what does that say to his mother. despite all the race mixing racisim will never cease, until we start to respect and love our own individual heritage. seeing and nubian with blond hair, blue contacts and chemically proccessed hair. is that not self hatred. since the creation of the pale race 6,000 years ago all who came into contact with them has become self hating, self destructive. I dont hate the pale race, my grandfather is white. but the reality everthing was done to keep blacks from their glorious history, look at what they have done to the painting on the walls in egypt, why have archiological and scienctific fact's been covered up, hell look what they did to Jesus. for anyone who has ever studied genetics the strong dominate gene (black) and the weak recessive gene (pale) when mixed defects are inherited, I did not make these rules, this is science, we are governed by law laws of nature, universal laws, spiritual law and earthly law, yes while some would say there are bigger things global warming, genetically ingenerred foods, chemical and biological war fare, hunger, crime, desiease, pestilents and all manner or chaos cause by man. the fact is until we wake up collectivly and begin to respect and return to our ancient way's prior Religion, slavery and invasion. we will never be at peace until we have submitted to our true nature and brought back into alignment, and the truth be told universally and all that was hidden and perverted and spell of tricknology being removed and brought into light. only then will real peace and brotherhood.

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