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Re: Youths Interested Only In Instant Gratificatio

too many young people are hopeless. too many care about themselves too little, there are too many broken families. why are the youths of today this way? there is a simple answer...LACK OF GUIDANCE! there are no doubt opportunities for those who dare to take the challenge of hard work and sacrifice but it is human nature to learn through example. first of all and most important : family life, where are our fathers? our mothers? equal opportunity yes! that does not mean that there are no specific roles of our parents!our fathers teach us how to work and how be be rightious, our mothers teach us humility and love, this does not exist in the lives of the youth today. secondly: our government, politics are a mess today, corruption everywhere, opposition there not to oppose but to bicker and fight over power, important issues that would make our island a better place are not dealt with, health care not available, everything to uplift a nation is given a backseat and left at third world level whereas the drugs and ammunition, are 1st class standards! gang wars and kidnappings on par with russia and colombia!!the heads of this institution is not the youths, they are simply being trained and then blamed. its true they make a choice, but growing up surrounded by no morality does not teach one to choose right.yes i am a youth, no i am not a criminal but i see all sides, i experience the difficuties of which i speak and i have had to make my own choices, where mine have been hard work and sacrifice, i see that just as easily they could have been crime!

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Youths Interested Only In Instant Gratification
Re: Youths Interested Only In Instant Gratificatio
You Can't Blame the Youths
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