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'Licks' on air for i95 news crew

by Ucill Cambridge,

THE head of News at i95.5 was off the air all day yesterday after he and his news team were publicly dressed down on air by the company's chairman.

Citadel Ltd chairman Louis Lee Sing called in on the station's Morning Programme, hosted by Dale Enoch and the station's programme director Tony Lee and chastised "Enoch and his news team" calling them "inept" and "incompetent", and stating the news produced was often unbalanced.

Commenting on the incident to the Daily Express yesterday, Enoch said, "Mr Lee Sing knows better. I don't want to say much, but what happened was appalling."

About his absence from the noon newscast, and the station yesterday, Enoch said, "I am still employed at the station and I am still a manager. I have not walked off of the job."

He added: "Mr Lee Sing's claims are not new but he knows better than that."

Lee Sing took offence at not being asked by his station for a comment following statements made by Opposition Senator Wade Mark in the Senate on Tuesday about government advertising at the station.

"I feel confident that my news team operated without bias as any proper news-team should. I am confident in the work I am doing. In spite of what Lee Sing or anyone may think we are confident we are doing good work.

But speaking with the Daily Express yesterday Lee Sing expressed views which suggested that Enoch and the news team went against stated company policies.

"There is an agreed position within the company that any story which relates to Citadel, you must ensure that Citadel's position is articulated simultaneously.

It is a demand I also make of other news houses. "If I am not given a chance to comment at the time a story is carried then don't bother to call me," he said.

He said the situation, as it relates to him and not being asked for comment from his news team, is something that has repeatedly occurred, "It is an ongoing debate," he said.

Asked if his newscast and team would be restructured, Lee Sing responded: "I would like you to ask Craig Reynald or Ken Gordon what they would have done. But I am not them. I am a good leader. Sometimes you can beg or cajole or sometimes you must be more decisive. Today was a day that required decision.

"I have met with my newsroom and reminded them of our position, and I expect that, since it is a position of balance, it will be carried out to the hilt."

He continued: "Fellas like Wade Mark and 'Little Robin' use Parliament to malign and sully reputations of people serving this country and the people of this country and the media are either willing or unwilling partners to "Count Mark" and "Little Robin" in libelling and slandering people who serve the country.

He added that Enoch was still employed with the company and was still head of news.

"He is very much a part of the Citadel family," Lee Sing concluded.

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