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Bas: Indiscipline behind Gillian's move

Gregory Lal-Behari
Wednesday, April 20th 2005

Leader of the United National Congress (UNC) Basdeo Panday has described Pointe-a-Pierre Member of Parliament Gillian Lucky as indisciplined, as he dismissed talk about morality for the stance she and San Juan MP Fuad Khan who have taken.

The two MPs have declared themselves as Independent members of the party.

Panday said Lucky and Khan have betrayed the party.

Speaking at a public meeting at the Caura Community Centre on Monday night, Panday used the metaphor of a football game to make his point.

"If you on a football team and you playing for this side and the coach tell you we kicking in that direction, and suddenly your morality tell you that I want to kick in the other direction, and you kick a goal in your own post. You can't do that!

"If you in a football game you abide by the rules. And if you don't want to abide by the rules get out."

Panday explained further said: "If you belong to a party and the party's caucus takes a decision that we are going in a certain direction. You can't one morning get up and say my conscience tell me to do something else. My morality and my integrity tell me to do something else, and you don't even come back to the party to tell them that you going to betray them, you going to do something else.

"And when the caucus holds a meeting and start to talk about it, you like some spoil child throwing tantrums and bawling down the place. And next thing you going to the Press. That is not morality that is indiscipline. And there is a difference between indiscipline and morality."

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