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Thanks, but no thanks

Thanks, but no thanks
by Fazeer Mohammed

Chatting with a respected colleague a couple days ago, an English cricket writer's unusual suggestion for dealing with a slumping West Indies team came up.

I won't give any details of the story (you can read it yourself on Page 74 of last Monday's Express) as to do so would be dignifying a proposition that was both nonsensical and impractical.

In the heat of the discussion, though, the instinctive reaction was to lash out in defence and condemn the writer based on the content of his column.

But that's one of the problems with opinion-based journalism: It tends to sway too often towards emotive, knee-jerk reactions to perceived injustices or verbal assaults on our way of life by articulate outsiders.

Yet rather than trying to get involved in an ultimately futile war of words, it would suffice most times to just tell those who feel obliged to pass judgment from afar on our way of doing things-sporting or otherwise-where to get off.

What business is it of English and, to a slightly lesser extent, Australian cricket journalists to be constantly critiquing social and cultural systems while also commenting on the game in other parts of the world?

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