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Remembering Nazi Germany *LINK*

Underscoring his obsession with racial purity, by 1937, every identified mixed race child in the Rhineland had been forcibly sterilized to prevent further "race polluting" as he termed it. Hans Hauck, a Black Holocaust survivor and a victim of Hitler's mandatory sterilization program, explained that when he was forced to undergo sterilization as a teenager, he was given no anesthetic. Once he received his sterilization certificate, he was "free to go" so long as he agreed to have no sexual relations whatsoever with Germans.

Although most Black Germans attempted to escape their fatherland, heading for France where people like Josephine Baker were steadily aiding and supporting the French underground, many ran into problems elsewhere. Nations shut their doors to Germans, including the Black ones. Some Black Germans were able to eke out a living during Hitler's reign of terror by performing in vaudeville shows.

But many Blacks, steadfast in their belief that they were German first, Black second, opted to remain in Germany. Some fought with the Nazis (a few even became Lutwaffe pilots)!

Unfortunately, many Black Germans were arrested, charged with treason, and shipped in cattle cars to concentration camps. Often these trains were so overloaded with people (equipped with no bathroom facilities or food) that after the four day journey, box car doors opened to piles of the dead and dying.

Once in the concentration camps Blacks were given the worst jobs conceivable. Some Black American soldiers who were captured and held as prisoners of war recounted that while they were starved and forced into dangerous labor (violating the Geneva Convention), they were still better off than Black German concentration camp detainees who were forced to do the unthinkable: man the crematoriums and work in labs where genetic experiments were carried out. As a final sacrifice, these Blacks were killed every three months so that they would never be able to reveal the inner workings of the Final Solution.

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