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The Tsunami is not the only predator

Jan Egeland, the emergency releif coordinator for the United Nations, was accurately quoted as saying that "We were more generous when we were less rich, many of the rich countries. And it is beyond me why we were so stingy, really." His observation unleashed a torrent of unwarranted dogmatic criticisms from the President of the United States and others who have historically discredited the United Nations unless it supported whatever was being advocated by the US.

Suddenly, the US increased it's financial assistance to this tragedy and the political predators buoyed by indiscriminate media coverage engaged in a feeding frenzy. By comparison there is virtually no continuous media coverage about the returning dead from the invasion of Iraq. I suppose the privacy of those dead is being protected to the extent possible.

However, the dead faces of the victims of that tragedy have been reduced to wallpaper, no such privacy is afforded them. There must be some point at which even the dead should be respected in mammoth tragedies such as the Tsunami.

The objective has gone beyond providing relief, it is now a matter of Nations with tremendous resources trying to out commit each other as a disproportinate amount of the initial coverage was directed toward the plight of Western Tourists, whoose human losses may not exceed ten percent of the tragedy.

The politic is evident as the overwhelming numbers of those affected are Muslims and poor, and Western Nations are no slouches at putting their public relations propaganda machines to work, tragedy or no tragedy. It is a pity that those dead have no privacy and mercy is actually the victim of affordable political opportunism.

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