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Re: Indian Head Terror
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Black or African American

Those are the numbers for Charles County. How Long will you continue to be ignorant to the real issues? The Kurds have to live in Iraq. Charles County does'nt need anymore development because people are afraid of improving their conditions where they live. There is nothing in Charles county besides farmland and "hill billies", so why move there? It wouldn't be to draw attention to how one could still be a victim would it. I wonder if these people feel like the should have equal protection at a kkk rally. I'm not saying that they have no right to live there legallly, I just question why they would want to. Maybe your not proud to be a U.S. Citizen. Maybe your not one. Who cares? Who cares if someone listens to toby keith? It doesn't mean aything except that that particular individual likes toby keith. If that individual is black, what gives you the right to deny them their personal happiness? To do so would be just like the individuals who participate in hate crimes such as (if it really is found to be the case) the charles county incident. People like you have twisted the civil rights movement into an unrecognizable cane for the mentally cripled and enslaved to use as a vice in situations that don't go accordingly to plan, law , or individual persuit of happiness. Boo fcuking hoo! Noone cares and get over it. Do what you have to do, but noone is listening to the cries of a spoiled baby. To the housing victems, if you don't hear you will feel. What more can you expect? Grow up!

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