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Dear Prime Minister Manning

Dear Prime Minister Manning,

In my judgement, you have failed this nation miserably. As it's leader, there are a few factors that have contributed enormously to your demise. And you must be made aware that electability does not translate into competency.

You continue to labour in the self imposed shadow of Dr. Eric Williams and in so doing, you have lost your identity and integrity. You will never equal or replace him in stature with the citizens of our Nation. It is time to remove the mask.Be yourself and sympathy may see you through as we are an overly forgiving people.

Your lack of superior intellect which led to the legitimization of Criminal elements as Community Leaders, and your subsequent meeting with them, has provided fertile soil for the continued growth of crime in our Nation. If there is some doubt in your mind about this observation,please check our Nation's statistic on escalating crime since that infamous meeting.

As the revenue from our Natural Resources increase, our infrastructure rots in both physical and human considerations. Abject poverty flourishes. And your pre-occupation with who should lead the Catholic Church in in Trinidad and Tobago, should be replaced with; who is really leading our Nation, now? I would suggest that we are on automatic pilot.

You do not reside in Port of Spain, and as a result, your minions have determined it to be useless to bring to your attention the demise of our once beautiful Capital city. Permit me to bring some of the debilitating factors to your attention. The suffocating stench from the Labasse as it wafts it's way across the city is overwhelming. The decaying human life in Tamarind square and other similar pockets throughout the city is cause for serious alarm. And the burgeoning "Botanical Garden" in the East Dry River, from Queen street toward the sea, just to name a few, are unpardonable acts of indifference.

In the midst of this, thriving commerce is uninterrupted as we continue to embrace the filth and rot that surrounds us. And even as some complain, we are waitng for one of the Gods to rectify these man made problems. We rarely ever fail to say "God Willing."

After 40 years of independence as a Soverign Nation we have left much to be desired. A greater tragedy confronts us with the advent of Global Economics. Those poor and faceless masses who have yet to become the benefactors of this Nation's wealth through it's natural resources will be joined by those who now feel unimpeded. And, Mr. Prime Minister, your action or inaction that continues to negatively impact the lives of this and future generations, will be your legacy. In one of his memorable ditties, Chalkdust had some difficulties in finally burying "Eric" well! you better find a way.

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A Concerned National

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