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Tsunami death toll surpasses 120,000

Updated: December 31, 2004

Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
Information relating to the submarine earthquake inbetween Aceh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka of the 26th of December, 2004 has been compiled here.

5 000 000 displaced by tsunami
Up to five million people have been displaced by the devastating tsunamis that pummelled large tracts of Asia over the weekend, the World Health Organisation said on Thursday.
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International aid groups seek access into remote disaster zone of Indian islands
International aid groups sought permission to go deep into India's remote Andaman and Nicobar islands, the last tsunami blind spot where casualties are feared in thousands, but Indian authorities said Friday they have not yet given approval. India has officially reported 7,368 dead in the earthquake-tsunami disaster but that does not include a complete count in the island territories, where officials estimate as many as 10,000 people could be buried under mud and debris.
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Tsunami triggers history's biggest ever relief effort
THE DEATH toll in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster soared above 125,000 yesterday as millions scrambled for food and clean water and rumours of new waves sent many fleeing inland in panic.
Aid agencies warned many more, from Indonesia to Sri Lanka, could die in epidemics if shattered communications and transport hampered what may prove history's biggest relief operation.
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Iran Knows What Awaits Tsunami Survivors
The people of Bam, an Iranian town devastated by an earthquake a year ago, know what's ahead for the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami: broken hearts, slow rebuilding and unfulfilled promises of aid. But Bam presents itself as proof of man's capacity to overcome.
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Tsunami death toll now 125,000
BANDA ACEH: The death toll in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster soared above 125,000 on Thursday as millions scrambled for food and clean water and rumours of new waves sent many fleeing inland in panic.
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Asian tsunami toll jumps to over 125,000
Asia's tsunami death toll soared above 125,000 and aid agencies warned many more people -- particularly children -- could die in epidemics, ushering in a somber New Year's Eve for the world.
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Tsunami death toll passes 120,000
The death toll from the Asian megaquake and ensuing tsunamis officially passed 120,000. At least 123,181 people were killed in 11 countries in southern Asia and Africa by Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunami waves, according to official figures.
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Somalia: relief supply reach tsunami victims
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday said it had started distributing food to Somali survivors of the deadly tsunami wave that struck the country's Indian Ocean coast at the weekend, as the death toll climbed to 132.
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Tsunami Death Toll Jumps Over 120,000
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - The death toll in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster soared above 120,000 on Thursday as millions scrambled for food and fresh water and thousands more fled in panic to high ground on rumors of new waves.
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Somalia wave victims 'forgotten'
Somalia has largely been forgotten by the international community in its response to help victims of Sunday's tsunami, the United Nations says. Jan Egeland, the UN's emergency relief co-ordinator, said UN personnel had only just reached villages affected.

Aid workers have described a scene of devastation on the Somali island of Hafun, a fishing community of 2,500. The floods killed 120 in Somalia with 35 missing and some 50,000 displaced, its prime minister said on Thursday.
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Breakdown of quake, tsunami death toll
At least 114,758 people were killed in 11 countries in southern Asia and Africa from Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunami waves, according to official figures. A breakdown of the toll so far:
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Tsunami death toll likely to surpass 100,000
Planes loaded with everything from lentils to water purifiers touched down across Asia yesterday, the start of the largest relief effort in history, as aid workers predicted the death toll from this week's earthquake and tsunamis would top 100,000.
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Where Are All the Dead Animals?
Sri Lankan wildlife officials are stunned -- the worst tsunami in memory has killed around 22,000 people along the Indian Ocean island's coast, but they can't find any dead animals.
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Quake relief urgent, toll passes 80,000
Millions of people around the Indian Ocean are in need of food and clean water as the threat of disease and hunger becomes as big a threat as the most devastating tsunami on record that struck on Sunday.
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Death is all around, but the band plays on for the tourist horde
For many in key Thai resort, it is sun, sex and booze as usual

Stefan Johansson, a 41-year-old air force officer from Sweden, is hoping that tonight is the night. He is not concerned about aftershocks hitting the beach half a mile from here, or about the haphazard rescue operation finally under way in southern Thailand.
Nor is he worried by the deaths of several hundred compatriots. Mr Johansson is anxious that the bar girl he has his eye on is going to keep holding out on him. "I'm having a good holiday," he said. "I went for a walk along the sand this morning, did a bit of swimming. Now I'm off drinking, and then we'll see."
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Tsunami waters raise landmine fears in Sri Lanka
Already haunted by fears of a new tsunami or spread of disease, survivors picking through debris of entire towns to recover corpses at Sri Lanka's northern tip face a new danger -- floating landmines.
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The World Mourns The Dead And Missing After Tsunami
JAKARTA, December 30 (RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov) - From Europe to Australia, the world started mourning the dead and the missing in the wake of tsunami that hit the countries of the Indian Ocean region.

In the course of the largest global rescue operation, Europe has been connected with Asia by an "air bridge" transporting food and medical supplies to the south and rescued tourists to the north. Up to 60 countries allocated more than $250 million for humanitarian aid to Asian countries devastated by natural disaster.

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in 12 countries of Asia and Africa has exceeded 83,000 people. According to the Red Cross organization, the overall number of the dead might exceed 100,000. "We are dealing with a natural catastrophe of unprecedented proportions," announced head of Asian Pacific branch of the Red Cross Simon Missiri. Almost a third of the dead are children. Millions of people are left without housing.
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