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Re: A decision long overdue
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Here we go again! Decriminalizing Illegal Drugs and re-classifying the problem of drug addiction would NOT put an end to the spiraling crime in the Carribean,Central, and or South America. It would only modify it. Criminal minds will find other ways to remain criminal at decent tax payers expense.

Marijuana and cocaine if treated like Alcohol and Tobacco would cease to be wealth generators for the criminal minded and those who profit from the misfortune of others? Alcohol and Tobacco are extreme wealth generators for the state, county, city. They generate funds for insurance companies, auto body shops, tow truck companies, doctors, lawyers, not to mention the companies that produce the products, but also the stores where the products are purchased and the countless amounts of people that move the product. In the U.S., Sam benifits the most even as his left arm is pulled upon by the menacing liberals to create and fund treatment facilities.

You wrote,"Like sex education, drug education should become part of the school's syllabus and laws governing the sale +/ distribution of all drugs to minors should be strictly enforced. There should also be a moratorium on all persuasive drug advertising". My answer is as follows; it has already been done and is constantly failing millions. There are countless amounts of teenagers who become addicted while in High School in the U.S.. Many if not most of whom stand in front of your local liquor store seeking somone to purchase these "goods" for them. I was approached the other night by a youth who was looking for somone to purchase some Honey Dutchmaster cigars. I'm sure he wasn't looking to smoke the tobacco inside either.

Blame it on the rich! Wasn't that a Millie Vanillie song? You wrote,"The bankers who launder illegal drug money would hate to have this model applied to "illegal" drugs as they have a lot to lose, so they lobby to keep the government's failing drug policies in place". If the weakminded individuals would start taking responsibility for their own actions, then there would be no demand. If they are wronged, good. They might as well pay in some way for the damage they create by abusing these drugsand causing problems for those who don't. White collar criminals aren't the only ones becomming rich off of the trade. They are just the only ones with enough know how to enhance their wealth legally with the money gained illegally.The blue collar criminal limes with his boys spending all of the money he has made at strip clubs, brothel houses, court and lawyer fees, babies mommies, etc...

If Cocaine and marajuana were legalized, alot of good would come of that. However, I don't think that those goods would outweigh the negatives that would come along with them. Cocaine is more potentent than Alcohol and tobacco. Legalaizing current illegal drugs would be like telling them that it is ok to use them for recreational use. I hardly find somone using cocaine or marajuana recreationally a prosperous ideal for anyone.

This topic was out of your range. Like the bottem of some coke bottle caps say," You are not a winner. Please try again!"

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A decision long overdue *LINK*
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