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"Morning Radio"

It has been appalling to hear the morning radio programs that happen to play the types of music I like to hear. I wonder if this happens in T-N-T with topics of interest. I have no idea about morning radio there, because I usually lime the night away when I'm there.

During the election, all of the "Black" radio stations basically told it's listeners who to vote for. Like Ants, I suspect that many listened, but was proud to learn that many didn't. Nothing but talk about the deficit, war and Bush's record in the state of Texas. Texas is what caught my attention the most. In texas with a death row population of 446 offenders 39.9% Black,31.4% White, 27.6% Hispanic,1.1% other. The radio show in which I was listening to was claiming that out of the 178 Black inmates on death row, 80% were on Death Row for Killing whites. One of their points was if these criminals would have killed other Blacks, they would have not ended up on Death Row. Somehow they tried to relate that to Bush. Not once was there a mention of how many more whites there are in Texas than Blacks. The radio show Hosts went on to say that Blacks should vote against Bush because the way that Texas was ran is the way that he will run the country finally putting Blacks in chains.

Bush didn't make inmates rape, kill, and or plunder. He didn't make anyone do anything that would find that person in prison. The radio show host also went on to suggest to future criminals should try to cover their crimes so that they don't get "unfair" sentences. Unfair?

If these morning shows want to provide viable information to the community, then maybe they should tell people that killing other people outside of providing a service for your country, state, or protection of your family is wrong and not acceptable. Then they (the radio program hosts) wonder why things are so twisted in predominatly Black areas. Nothing to do with the economy or schools, but it's leadership, families, and information providers. Thats just my opinion. Please weigh in on this topic if you have noticed anything like that in your communities.

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