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Rehan Abdool: Political Savant or Blithering Idiot

Rehan Abdool – Political Savant or Blithering Idiot?

After biting my tongue for the past few days I finally feel somewhat compelled to throw in my 2 cents, as it were to the Rehan Abdool /Professor Cudjoe debate. I have also known Mr Abdool for a number of years and am also keenly aware of his hugely impotent forays into the political landscape. Although I certainly make no claim to sainthood myself I was utterly taken aback that Rehan had the utter gall to wrap himself in the mantle of equality for all. Did he think that a statement in press would somehow magically erase the racial/elitist blather that has been his trademark for the last 15 years? I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I have heard Rehan Abdool prattle on about ‘lazy /incompetent blacks’ or make reference to the socially & financially disadvantaged ‘knowing their proper place’ etc.

Mr Abdool views himself as a natural member of the ruling T&T elite largely via his family’s wealth and power. Luckily most would-be supporters are smart enough to stay away from him in droves. Like many of the uber-rich old-money persona, I rather suspect that his open contempt for the poor or racially disenfranchised would be somewhat tempered by a good dose of the harsh reality that is the bread and butter to the majority of Trinidadians (regardless of race).

I have personally never subscribed to Dr. Cudjoe outlook on racial disparity. Like many of his peers I believe that his views are founded on the defunct and now outdated Eric Williams ‘massa day not done’ philosophy. However, I do hold him in profound professional respect since, unlike Mr Abdool, he earned his position and title on his own merit.

Mr Abdool appears to be an intelligent chap so perhaps he would be willing to take some advice from a former acquaintance:
(1) You will never be elected to public office - ever - because you are a self-serving hypocrite and few people trust your motives.
(2) If you wish to make a fool of yourself please do so in private – we live in a democracy and people are not afraid to call you to task for your past comments and views.
(3) Sanctimonious stupidity and quasi-religious rhetoric is no substitute for a well thought-out and well-executed economic paradigm – think about it (you’ll get it ….. eventually).
(4) If you truly wish to set an example for your students why not apply for, and compete for, a job based on your actual qualifications rather than through family connections.
(5) Separation of religion and state is a founding principle of our democracy – repeat after me….
(6) There’s a fine line between spirituality and radical religious indoctrination; silence on the part of your peers signifies neither acceptance nor indifference – only watchfulness (and perhaps a little note-taking) – you may wish to bear the latter in mind next time you feel like airing your views in public.
(7) Lastly, to paraphrase Churchill ‘a man has by any measure 100% respect until his words or actions squander abundance’ – in your case both words and actions have been evinced in abundance as of late.

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