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Can independent 1st World Ambitions...

Be realized by a nation, with a majority population still mired in a 3rd world colonial mentality?

I am totally impressed with the vision of T&T that the 2005 budget implies. However, past and recent history has shown that successful execution depends entirely on the ability of the implementors, to rise above the self-serving nepotism, cronyism and favoritism that has plagued third world politics since the departure of its colonial architects.

For instance; it is a fair assumption that all jobs created in the agricultural sector will go to Trinbagonians of East Indian descent since there is a widely accepted perception that they operate best in that domain.

Likewise, the partnerships to be derived from foreign investment in the technology and manufacturing sector, would in all probability end up in the hands of the Trinbagonian descendents of Syrian, Lebonese and Chinese merchants. For regardless of their procurement methods, the reality is that they are in possession of capital.

The Trinbagonian descendents of enslaved Africans, are more likely to end up providing the labor force for these various enterprises, as they have always lacked the right connections and capital, despite widely accepted presumptions, based on the successes of the ruling political party.

My one "hope" is that the development of the educational infrastructure towards expansion of a non-liberal arts curriculum, will provide an atmosphere conducive to innovation and invention. Where the youngest descendents of the "original creators" can live up to the promise of their ancestors.

The future will decide. However, patience is not a widely dispersed virtue.

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Can independent 1st World Ambitions...
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