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Re: Similar Account
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It's funny and sad to read such a post. I find humor in the fact that class was used and the fact that the Indian called you nigger. I have often heared the term "sand-nigger" used to refer to people who look like they come from India, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.

Next, I would like to add that my "American" cousin used to date a girl from India and she once had a conversation with my father about Indians in Trinidad. She told him that they were not like them or that they are not like us refering to Indians in Trinidad to the Indians she knew as if she looked down on them. Thats where the Humor comes into play again. Here this girl was instulting the Indians of Trinidad, while worshiping the ground of my cousin walked on who your Indian "friends" would surly think that they were better than his Negro self.

I cannot beleive they had the audacity to act as if they were above you. Then again maybe it was part of their upbringing. After all, it was the lower class of India that was brought to the feilds of Trinidad by the British. It was the lower class that was brought to the English colonies throughout the world after we were no longer availiable for free labor. If slavery was unionised and the emancipation a strike, then they the Indians would be considered scabs.

Oh well, thats enough of that. Keep your head up. Don't let that bother you, just realise that you have to work harder and not subscribe nor let others place you into something that you are not. If you have self confidence and truly beleive that you can be what you want, you will. I take pride in being who I am and don't care who tries to down me for it because I'm not ashamed of myself. Work hard and let noone steal your pride.

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Re: Similar Account
Re: Similar Account
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