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The Principle of Fairness?
In Response To: EASE RACE TENSION? ()

1. We are committed to building Trinidad and Tobago as a united nation, with its people, though of different ethnic origins, having common hopes and aspirations.

2. We reject discrimination, on whatever grounds, in all forms an will promote and support only such policies and practices which enable all members of our Society to enjoy equality of treatment from Government and all its agencies, as well as the private sector. In particular, we must work for the elimination of discrimination in the following fields of activity:


Education, Health and Security.

Access to all facilities provided including the supply of goods and services.

All development and poverty relief programmes, provided by Government at all levels.

Allocation of Housing.

The award of contracts concessions or licences.

3. We are committee to establishing a Society in which citizens enjoy reward in accordance with their individual effort and achievement. Where special circumstances exist requiring the undertaking of special programmes, these will be addressed on a nonpartisan basis.

4. Our cultural and religious differences are an important asset, and the various communities that comprise our population must be free to engage in their cultural and religious practices without hindrance, provided that in doing so they respect the rights and freedom of others.

5. All persons holding responsible positions in our country must endeavour to promote racial harmony in our Society, and avoid making public statements which may tend to have a disruptive effect.

6. The media, as a powerful instrument for the moulding of public opinion, while having the right to publish and broadcast in the exercise of its Constitutional freedom, should likewise make every effort to promote racial harmony in our Society, to ensure that the exercise of its freedom does not adversely affect race relations in this country.

7. It is important that those entrusted with the governance of the country and all leaders in the public and private sectors make every effort that our economic and political systems operate in such a manner as to produce a cohesive society in which equity and fairplay are the guiding principles.

8. Our Republican Constitution which was established more than 25 years ago must now be reviewed as a matter of urgency in order to address the Constitutional problems that have arisen over the years, and to make it more relevant to existing political realities.

We, the signatories to this document, therefore declare our commitment to the Principles stated above, and request the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and all others concerned to take appropriate action to ensure that the Principles are put into practice. We shall pursue the avenue open to us to promote these Principles amongst the people of our country as widely as we can. We also seek the opportunity to make further representations concerning the matter, particularly on the question of what corrective action should be taken.

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The Principle of Fairness?
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