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Re: Could it be blight?
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In order for Trinibagonians to move into the next millenium collectively, you all ( for those who are citizens and residents of the two isle nation) in my opinion are going to have to become more nationalistic about T&T. If you are a citizen of T&T, then you should ONLY promote T&T. What is so hard about grasping this concept? I wouldn't become a citizen of another country only to boast aboput the country where I came from.

I garauntee that if the people of T&T to more pride in their nation, that they/ you could raech the power of a Japan. Work together for your future. Working apart to obtain the minimum of scraps is not and should not be an option for anyone who claims to be Trini. If you work together then all of you will have more prosperous, and viable communities. A place where children, women, and the elderly can feel as safe as any young man at any time of the day. From what I have read over the past year, none of you are safe. Trinibagonians should be trying to have safer neighborhoods and better schools. The need for a stronger economy should be in the interest of every resident so that so many wouldn't feel so desperate as to hold children for ransom. It's truly horrible. I was asked why I would live under the racist system of the U.S., but I respond with the question of where is better overall? Surly not T&T even if as an American in the carribean would myself or family have any less mental stress. In fact it would be more. The Police are corrupt everywhere so that burden would be the same. My children would have to worry about what they look like at school as opposed to what they have in their minds. My wife would not be able to come and go as she pleased to handle family and personal business because of sex bandits that should be removed from our planet. If I needed to find a job, $1.50 U.S. per hour would not cut it.
Trinidad & Tobago needs to wake up and secure a future for itself. Not Grenada, India, Africa, Europe, or any other place in the world. T&T is T&T and it cannot nor should it want to be anything else. Neither should it's people. Without working together in the best intrest of T&T, I must ask you what are you fighting for right now?

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Could it be blight?
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Re: Could it be blight?
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