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Re: by Stephen Kangal
In Response To: by Stephen Kangal ()

Mr. Kangal, I read your response to Selwyn Cudjoe's critique of Data Seetahal and had to laugh, because you did exactly what you accused Cudjoe of doing parading fiction as fact and in some case parading ancient data (the source of which was not referenced) in modern times. Now mind you there are things that Mr. Cudjoe say that give me cause to pause, but for you and other "indian intellectuals" to continue to ride the old tired horse about runaway "discrimation" that was directed at the indian population is false.

You throw around statistic, the source of which is never referenced, so that someone who don't believe you (like myself) could check it out myself. You talk about the student population in the 60's and 70's at UWI being 70% but you fail to take into account that (a) the afro trini population as a percentage of the nation's total population was larger then (b) not all the student at the University was from trinidad, and as you know beside Guyana the only other country with significant indian population in the caribbean is trinidad, so if student from all over the West Indies are attending UWI in Trinidad and Tobago there is a great likelihood that you would have a larger african student population. Currently, everyone have options so they can study abroad and they do.
By the way where did you get this 90% statistic of scholarships going to afro students? Is this just your impression, or is this based on known evidence? Where is the source?

Now I do agree with you that Cudjoe is way off the mark when he put forward this notion that the government, because it's base belong to a particular ethnic group should allocate all the resource towards that community, that said, it's curious that you didn't seem to have strong views when Mr. Panday and the boys were busy doling out contracts and money among his own. Is it because you can't bring yourself to criticize an indian?

Lastly, Mr. Kangal in your final paragraph you drag out 1960 statistics to address current facts. Do you actually believe that those numbers is still relevant today. Hopefully even you would concede that those numbers have been significantly reverse.

PS I see the G.O.P.I.O. is celebrating something (lord knows what)the day before the nation's independence day and will not be participating in the actual day of celebration. My question to the indo population , When would the majority of you all display so element of Patriotism? Everything you all have you owe it to the opportunities you were allowed to take advantage of in good old T&T. So I am just asking, when would all yuh show some loyalty, huh.

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