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Re: Jack Warner should answer this...

Mr. JACK WARNER’ only has to answer to God. In observation, one should not stress his image as a Black man but, solely reflect upon his accomplishments as a successful entrepreneur that operates in the “European way.”

Jack Warner is a black man who demonstrates an understanding of the true democratic concept of Capitalism, as a way to compete in the world, just as well as its originators - Europeans. People complain about him progressing “like a white man.” Europeans stronghold economic, political and social power all over the universe, without reproach, as if it is an entitlement. “Capitalism” is not a racial concept. Jack Warner dominates it successfully, thus enabling himself to build his legacy and place “his linage” in the positions they hold. It happens all over the world, everyday.

Lack of empowerment and the degradation of Black men by people of the opposite race is no surprise. It is a well known fact; the intent is to disenfranchise people of color from competing on a level playing field. Successful Black men, in turn are blamed and “signified on” by people of their own race. Noteworthy advancements or positive attributes are hardly ever recognized and communicated.

Jack Warner has tremendously advanced Soccer in the Caribbean. Each group or individual should operate effectively as Jack Warner and build economic power of their own. By emulating the example set forth by Mr. Warner, people would be able to collectively contribute investments of equal shares toward the actualization of this primary goal - the empowerment of Caribbean citizens economically and socially instead of “player-hating.”

Let the positive readers and entrepreneurs of this statement initiate an active movement to learn from Mr. Warner by creating initiatives and opportunities for themselves.

God bless Mr. Jack Warner! May he continue to succeed in his endeavourers and may the people who follow in his footsteps develop wisdom to understand their own power instead of slinging innuendos that Jack Warner has too much or owes any one anything.

Best Regards,

Karabana Group Inc.

cc: Queen Elizabeth,

President Bush, USA

Colin Powell

Pope Paul

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Jack Warner should answer this...
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