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I was wondering when this whole "ebonics" thing started and when did Citizens of African decent who reside in The U.S. decide that the way they speak is traceable to slavery?

My grandmother who only has less than a high school (secondary) education speaks better than the people Cosby described. How is that? She went to school when public schools where segregated. Her Mother only had a fifth grade education and the same is for her. These two women can speak better than moist of the school aged children in the nations capitals public schools.
I suppose that ebonics had nothing to do with them. The whole thing is crap and "our" people are angered because Cosby said it publically. That shows how stupid members of our race really are. We blame slavery for why a child born in the 1980's can't speak English. We blame slavery on why a child born in the 80's makes all of the negative decisions in his/her life? That argument cannot be won because individuals have to take responsibility for they're ills. If they are not willing to then yes they should be wiped from our society for lacking the ability to evolve and survive.

Get real! Noone is going to save you from your life, so you might as well take stock and do your best. Thats all sosiety can expect. Society is only supposed to be equal, not fair. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can stop making excuses for the reasons that we stay dependent on the system that supposidly opresses us. Who are you kidding?

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