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Lock dem all up from Captain to crook.

It is time like these that I miss my grand father the old Felix. You see Dada, as we affectionately called him, was a man of little patience and hardly tolerated any form of foolishness. I spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking of him as Finbar Ganga became the fourth UNC minister to be caught in the web of corruption. Now I know that Gangar like his Comrades Sadiq Baksh, Brian Kuei Tung and the Captain himself Basdeo Panday, are innocent until proven guilty, but like so many Trini nationals I prefer to deal with them in the court of public opininon and pass guilt. Dada too would and can see him cocking his mouth and saying 'lock dem all up and throw away the keys they too tief'.
Yet as the daily newspaper said this week expect the UNC to cry racial discrimination and to tell us how much they are prosecuted against. That is usually their only defence to rile up their supporters and to hide behind a farcade that has little truth. Fact of the matter is that East Indians has thrived for the most part legally, under the PNM, and, now we are finding out through the UNC illegally. That is why Dada comes to mind lock dem all up.....

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Lock dem all up from Captain to crook.
Re: Lock dem all up from Captain to crook.
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