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Re: Finally, An Accurate African American Assessme

Soul Plane and the people who could and would subscribe to the notion that most African Amaricans interact in such fasion is innacurate. However, if there were no truth to your post, I suppose the movie would have never been made and that there would have been more of an uproar from it.

At the same time I question whether or not that it is positive or negative for the movie to have been made. Racism and stereotypes sell in "America". They are selling out, but don't other groups do the same in hollywood movies? So my question is," Why don't you say that Whites for example all really veiw themselves as (for example) the character in the movie Malibu's Most Wanted"?

Instead of trying to play a game of them verse us, why don't you look at the bigger picture. Most movies in Hollywood are terrible and are only out to make a buck. racism is the reason why these movies are made in the first place because that sells. Ticket holders who may think negativly about another group, but fear expressing their opinions out loud would rather veiw a movie that has racist stereotypes and overtones inorder to make their personal thoughts feel justified. It works for all of us. I choose to watch documentaries if I can help it. There is onlydocumented accounts of what took place.

Did you see The Last Samurai? Who didn't know that the White Guy was going to go all the way to Japan and vindicate his soul from all of the evils in which it possessed. What crap? Even thought there is an element of truth to the stereotype of all white people want to go to a foreign land and take ove the indegenous groups who have thrived there for centuries, I wouldn't say that that is the mindset of all whites. I don't know every white person, and the ones I do, I would say that it would be innacurate to describe them all as subscribers to that stereotype.

I know what it is, you just wanted to see if I were still around. Thats very thoughtfull of you. I'm busy, but I still get a chance to read some post that clearly weren't thought about before they were posted.

You should try posting something about the crime in Trinidad. Even our major metropolitan areas that have high African American populations do you not see those sort of figures in crime. Why don't you talk about that instead of African Americans making money?

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