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Comment about Cro Cro and Aloes

Aloes and Cro Cro ran all self-respecting Indians to UNC

From Robin Singh Palmiste

So Sugar Aloes has won the crown. Mr Manning openly endorsing him on stage and the scores of PNM supporters in the crowd certainly had the desired effect on the judges. Any other decision would have been pandemonium. Any other calpysonian would have seen this as a hollow victory. But, not to Aloes.

When the NAR broke up in 1995, the East Indian support base was looking for a political home. Most were never attracted to the UNC and thousands flirted with joining the PNM. Then along came Aloes and Cro Cro with their anti-Indian calypsoes and ran all of these Indians to the UNC.

Moreover, they also ran all self-respecting Indians who previously supported the PNM across to the UNC. The PNM is in the situation it is today because of these two characters. They sing and humiliate East Indians who simply take their revenge at the polls.

Why Mr Manning would chose to embrace Aloes on stage is a mystery to me. It is tantamount to Panday bringing Sat Maharaj, whom Africans perceive to be racial, on a political platform.

It would be downright stupid and politically suicidal. When will they ever learn. As Einstein hypothesised, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". To put it local parlance, "What sweet in goat mouth does sour in the bam bam". Nuff said!

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