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Of Cro Cro and kidnappers

The calypso/kidnapping debate now gripping Trinidad is bringing back memeories of a political debacle that had taken place right here in the US many years ago. Back in the mid 90's Former president Bill Clinton had waded into a rap Singer, Sister Souljah for some comments that she had made about blacks killing whites. Souljah's reasoning was that if black wre killing each other everyday what is wrong with them taking time to kill their "enemy" (considering slavery. Jim Crow laws and economic deprivation which is the history of Blacks in the US). Clinton was invited at the time to speak at a Jesse Jackson forum and shocked every one but his attack on sister Souljah. Now look what is happening in TnT. Kidnappers are running amok, a number of businessmen primarily east Indian and a few common people as well have fallen victim to the menace. Cro Cro's reasoning is that if you are a kidnapper then start with the politician and business elite who have raped and plundered the country's economy. For him this would be poetic justice and it would even help the economy.
Ironically with very few scandals in the present government Cro Cro had no choice but to rehash old names and issues for his kidnapping friends to go after. As a result the opposition feels offended after all the calypsonian is targeting them.
On the American scence Sister Souljah was able to withstand the Clinton attack and today is a noted fiction writer. Where would Cro Cro end up is anybody guess, but it is safe to say he just wouldn't go under. I even expect him to do like Sister Souljah and strive. Finally, I say this is just another case of thin skinned politicians and their supporters giving too much credence to calypso. Remember this is an artform with about 10% fact and 90% mauvais langue. If however Cro Cro was a Don then we would have a different story. In the interim the rest of us should just take Cro Cro commments in the spirit of Carnival and move onto to the next controversy of which David Rudder is bidding to be the star.

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