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The Emperor has no Clothes

The Hon Basdeo Panday, Prime Minister in exile, can now be easily identified as the Naked Emperor, in the absence of Ramesh Maharaj, Ralph Maraj and Trevor (Forever) Sudama. Our ex Prime Minister looked hopelessly pathetic and ineffective on TV news on Wednesday January 2, 2002.

Surrounded by an ineffective Party Chairman, his smiling and charming ex Attorney General and her ex Junior Legal Minister a disoriented looking Jerry Yetming. The Silver Fox certainly looked more comical than critical and logical, any elementary students of politics would certainly have recognised the conspicuous absence of Ramesh at the side of the Master. I am sure that Wednesday, January 2, 2002 strategy meeting at the Reinzi Complex must have forcefully brought to the strategist attention, while no one would be man/woman enough to mention it in the presence of the Master.

The regrettable absence of the Master's most valuable and reliable advisor for more than ten years, a soldier whatever we may wish to say about him, who was ready to defend his Master whatever the cause. Ramesh rightly or wrongly was always ready and able to find a defence to cover his Master's errors.

The further his back was to the wall, the more determined Ramesh was to defend and protect him whatever the cost. He made no apology for his attempts to make wrong - right once it was in the defence of his Master. He found opinions from Timbuktu to Iceland, the King can and must do no wrong. Well Ramesh was not there on Wednesday January 2, 2002 and by gosh the Emperor was not only naked but surrounded by nakedness.

I am sure that it was the one occasion when they silently regretted his absence. My old ONR colleague well-intentioned as he may be, is certainly not a politician like so many others. They want to play the part but don't have a clue of what to do when the big curtain rises.

The cinema is one thing, the theatre is another. Shakespeare at the Metropolitan is entirely different to the Shakespeare at the Roxy Cinema. The party certainly looks helpless at this critical juncture. The leader is still shaken by the unpredictable events that have overtaken him, certainly needed the best troops available to protect and defend his crown. What he got was buffoons, like Robin Montano and psychopants who did nothing to help the leader and the party's unpredictable situation.
I can only hope that even at this advanced age he has learnt his lesson and will in the future tread carefully and be more tolerant, compromising and above all statesmanlike. Once there is life there is hope. Time is still longer than twine.


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The Emperor has no Clothes
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