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Re: Manning reign will be short!!

In response to 'Fat Booty's' reply:

In an effort to just relay 'my' point of view (and I stress my point of view), whatever reasons Robbie had for appointing Manning as PM will, unfortunately, be known only to him and God.
I for one, a member of the Board of Directors on an International Consulting company and as a person who has been blessed with the opportunity of travelling to over 80% of the world, can only say that where ever I have been or done, my heart belongs in T&T.
For the past six years I have monitored the economic and social structure in T&T become one to be reckoned with in the first world. Hence, my decision to to return to Trinidad fully.
I figured if someone really loves their country and wants to see it improve, then they need to lend their support to that country directly and not just stand by in the wings and point fingers.
One must understand that in a business world, the change of a government does not directly affect the economy, what really affects the economy is when the percentage of the population that holds the majority of the wealth lose faith in the incumbent government and their choices in who they adopted as their cabinet choices.
The strenght of any company is with its people. As far as I see from Manning's choices, he has not thought this process out and has elected officials who add no real strength to the government or on its ability to conduct sound operations. At least the UNC appointments were people who could make a valid contibution to their elected positions.

I have studied the dipersion of wealth and how it correlates to the various ethnic groups, in Trinidad, and no one can deny which section of the popualtion controls the largest amount of wealth (meaning cold cash available to be spent and not borrowed wealth)in Trinidad.
Now this section of the population are the ones who keep our economy vibrant. When their confidence in the government is decreased, their willingness to spend begins to wane.

I am still sticking on my plan to return to T&T within the next few months, permanently. Since I realise, as Manning probably hasn't yet grasped, that a return to the polls if a definite within the next six months. Let's just hope that the cross section, mentioned above, have mutual feelings as myself.

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Manning reign will be short!!
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Re: Manning reign will be short!!
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