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Curriculum Vitae

AGE: 62
HOME ADDRESS: #4 Phipps Street, Caroni, Trinidad
NATIONALITY: Trinidad and Tobago
TELEPHONE: 663-5041
PRESENT POSITION: Retired from the Foreign Service of T&T in February 2000 after 38 years in the Public Service.


1999 - 1996

1999 - Algonquin College, Ottawa
Certificate in Human Resource Management with Honors. (12 credits).

1981 - University of Manchester,
England Diploma in Trade Promotion

December 1977 - Unitar Diploma in International Law (Bahamas)

1976 1978 - Institute of International Relations, St. Augustine

(T&T) Read for an M.Sc. in International Relations (Incomplete) Law of the Sea specialization

1975 1967

1974 1975 - Institute of International Relations (T&T)

Diploma in International Relations with Honors placing top of the graduating class.

1973 1974 - University of the West Indies

Diploma in Education (Majoring in Social Studies Education)

1964 1967 - University of the West Indies Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish (Economics and West Indian Studies in First Year)

Secondary Education

1960 1961 - Naparima College (San Fernando)

'A' Levels in English, Geography and Latin with distinction in English.

1955 1959 Hillview College (Tunapuna) - 8 'O' Levels (5 distinctions. Placed 7th in Trinidad and Tobago.

Work Experience in Canada March 1996 to February 2000.

Deputy High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago to Canada

Conducted promotions of Tourism, Rum and Food Products from Trinidad and Tobago in all provinces of Canada

Promoted investment flows from Canada to Trinidad and Tobago from all the Provinces via Trade/investment Delegations

Has developed detailed experiences and familiarity with all Canadian cities, including knowledge and working relationship with all Trinidad and Tobago organizations in Canada

Promotion of Trinidad and Tobago/Canada Relations

Working relationships/knowledge of Canadian International Development Agency, Trade Facilitation Office Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, International Development Research Centre and several Provincial Government entities and Government Ministries including Provincial Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade and other private sector trade and commerce organisations.

Human Resource Management

As Head of Chancery I applied the techniques, principles and procedures of Human Resource Management in administering a small staff. I have also taken into consideration Canadian Labour Relations Codes and Regulations governing employment of locally recruited staff.

II Work Experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of T&T.

June 1994 Deputy Director, Legal and Marine Affairs Division to 1996

September 1993 (a) Deputy Director, Administration Division to May 1994 (In charge of Training and Development)

Conceptualized/conducted Induction course for recruits Member of the Public Service Training Committee of Trinidad and Tobago

Member Training Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1992 1993 Protocol Officer in the Protocol and Conference Services Division Training officers of other Ministries in protocolary matters

1988 1991 Desk Officer in the Marine and Legal Affairs Division dealing with the following:

International Maritime Organization Matters (Shipping, Pollution)

Maritime Boundary and Fishing Negotiations with Venezuela (Bilateral)

Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela Meetings (Co-coordinator)

(d) Preparatory Commission on Sea-Bed Mining, (PREPCOM) Kingston, Jamaica (Multilateral Diplomacy)

(e) Environmental Issues

III Work Experience in London

1981 1988 First Secretary, Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in London. I represented the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the following:

All Meetings and Assemblies of IMO including becoming Chairman of the Committee on Technical

Co-operation for 1988-1989;

The Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CAB) including becoming Vice-Chairman in 1988;

The Commonwealth Science Council;
Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation;
Education Committee of the Commonwealth Institute dealing with West Indian Education in Britain;

(f) Chairman of the Latin American and Caribbean Group of the IMO;

(g) Secretary, IMO Attaches Group;

(h) Promotion of Trinidad and Tobago products on the British Market.

(i) I functioned as Head of Administration during 1981-1983 at the High Commission.

IV Initial Period of Work Experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1979 1981 (i) Secretary, Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Law of the Sea. (Inter-Ministerial Relations).

Desk Officer for Shipping, Law of the Sea Environmental and Fishing Matters.

Officer in the Protocol Division

V Work Experience in Education/Training

1967 1978 (a) Teacher II Hillview College, Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies.

Taught the following subjects:

English, Spanish, Geography, Social Studies

(c) 1972 President, Geography Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

(d) Served as Sports Master.

1962 1967 Assistant Teacher III Hillview College, Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies (Taught English, Geography, English Literature)

Can contribute to debates on Education matters

VI Participation in Conferences held in London

- Member of Trinidad and Tobago Delegation to International Maritime Organization (IMO) Assemblies of 1981, 1983, 1985 1987 and 1989.

Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to all Council Meetings of International Maritime Organization (IMO) (1983-1989).

Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to all Meetings of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Committees (1981-1988).

Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to International Maritime Organization (IMO) Diplomatic Conferences (1981-1988).

- Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to 1985 Quinquennial Review Conference of Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CABI).

Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CABI) Executive Council (1985-1988).

Chairman of the Technical Co-operation Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) (1988-1989).

Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CABI) (1988).

VII Other Meetings

Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to the Eighth and Ninth Sessions of the Preparatory Commission for the Sea-bed Authority (PREPCOM) (1990-1996) held in Kingston, Jamaica.

Attended and co-coordinated several Trinidad and Tobago/Venezuela Bilateral Conferences (1988-1996).

- Delegate to the 1996 J-Tec Meeting held in Ottawa between Caricom and Canadian delegates.

REFEREE: 1. H.E. Philip Sealy,
Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to Venezuela,
Quinta Serrano, 4ta Avenida,
Entre 7a y 8a Transversales, Altamira, Caracas,
P.O. Apartado del Este 61322
Caracas 1060A, Venezuela.
Tel: 261.5796

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